Landline calling was the pioneer of business communications, providing an efficient way to support and reach customers.  As time has evolved, landline calls have expanded to include Text to Landline service. Utilizing every means of communication (cellular, landline, email, VOIP, etc.) will improve your company image and eventually distinguish you among competitors for excellent customer support.  Read on to learn why it is your turn to text enable your landline and how you can benefit from two-way conversations.

What Is a Text-to-Landline Service?

Landline phones are analog home phones that used to be widely popular prior to cell phone existence. It was the only available means of communication that transmitted voice calls.

Text to Landline is a service that is available to all existing landline phone numbers and can be easily activated. Then, you will receive text messages that will be converted into voice messages. However, if you want to store, manage, and reply to messages that you listen to, you will need texting software.

How Different Is Mobile Phone From Landline Phone Number

It is important to make a clear distinction between the two means of communication. A landline phone requires physical cables that transmit the signals. It is also bound to limited places like your home or an office since it requires additional hardware. In contrast, mobile devices use wireless transmission that utilizes radio waves to make voice calls. 

Many households have already cut the cord while businesses keep working with landline phones, equipped with software, in order to offer an effective yet simple process for customers.

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How Does Texting to Landline Work?

Using mobile phones, all you need to do is to dial a number, type in the message, and send it. A landline telephone automatically accepts voice transmission; however, only a few know that there are initially two landline services available, including receiving and sending SMS text messages.

If a recipient’s phone number doesn’t support a Text to Landline service, the messages are not registered anywhere. They are neither stored nor can be retrieved. That is why businesses often are not aware that their clients try to contact them via texting. As a result, a lot of business and sales opportunities are lost.

If a customer sends a text message to a landline phone number that doesn’t have software, the message will be converted to a voice message to which a recipient responds by texting which is again converted to a voiced message. A sender can text multiple landline numbers but the text will be sent as a separate message and will be charged accordingly.

What Happens When You Send a Text Message to Landline?

Now that customers can send text messages, your text-enabled landline will store them. Using computer software, it is effortless to manage and assign them to agents. Here is how it looks when your client sends you an SMS:

  • A sender sends a text message to a recipient’s landline phone number.
  • The provider checks whether the landline phone number supports text messaging.
  • The landline number accepts the text and reads it out in, for example, a female voice.
  • Voice service can support emojis and acronyms and read them out fully (IDK = I don’t know). 

A landline recipient which is a business can also start texting clients and receive SMS as a text message by using the software.

Benefits of Sending Text Messages to Landlines

Having landline numbers is still essential for organizations that deal with customers. Landline voice transmission is much clearer and more reliable than cell phones. Landline wired communication doesn’t depend on radio waves and has a strong and steady connection. Thanks to that, the calls are rarely dropped or disconnected as it happens with mobile phones.

There are valid reasons why you should set up a text-enabled number at your business. You can create two departments that deal with voice calls and text messages and reach out to the biggest client pool on the market.

Continue Using Your Existing Landline Number

As a business, you advertise your company, along with products and services, and more often than not, include your business phone number. A vital and useful detail that many customers prefer to use if they have questions or lack information.

Nothing stops you from changing to a new phone number; however, you will be required to inform all your clients of this change. Instead, it is much more convenient to stick to the existing number when opting for a Text to Landline service.

There is no need to install an additional service like software with a mobile app; you only need to enable voice message service and start receiving incoming text messages on the same business number.

Your Clients Are Already Text Messaging You

You would be surprised to learn that most customers who received a missed call from your business have already texted your landline before. However, you had no chance of knowing it because every Text to Landline message goes nowhere. You are not notified about it, and there is no reserve where you can check for landline texting.

That is why text enabling your business number should be a top priority. You will benefit from two-way communication and separate phone calls from voice messages.

Customers Prefer Text Messaging

Regardless of your business, clients simply like sending a text message. It is quick, effortless, and they don’t wait in the queue to talk to a representative. Sending a text to a landline takes seconds, while calling your business phone number can take up to 20-30 minutes, depending on the traffic and difficulty of the issue.

Text Open Rate Is Higher Than Email 

Emails often land in a spam folder or are deleted without even being opened. In contrast, your client would be tempted to open a new SMS on their mobile device. Most people check their mobile phones quite often, therefore sending landline messages instead of other forms of communication will yield more effective results.

Having your landline message delivered, you can be sure it will be read in no time. You can use this service to send promotional SMSs or chat with the customer to solve any problem.

Utilize Automated Text Messaging

When dealing with problems requires a human representative on the phone, sending promotional texts/payment reminders/appointment reminders/etc. automatically is a great advantage that simply can’t be passed by. Not only will your business save time and money, but your clients will also feel grateful for genuinely useful notifications that actually help them in a busy life. 

Landline text-messaging will be an efficient tool with pre-created templates, existing keywords, and other features that can be enabled during or after working hours. Having an extensive database of clients can assist you in instantly creating personalized messages for your target audience during sales or various campaigns.

Brand Recognition

Last but not least is brand recognition and positive company image. High-quality customer support will lead your company to rapid success because you will always be available for your customers. Your audience will greatly appreciate and reward you with their loyalty, knowing that your line is easily reachable for their inquiries via phone calls or text messages.


Can I use the existing phone number to use the Text to Landline service?

If your business has been operating in the market for many years and you are sure that customers are familiar with your phone number – it is best to opt-in for voice service with the existing phone number. Otherwise, it can be confusing for clients to use one landline for calls and the other for text messages.

It is a simple process that doesn’t take a lot of time to set up according to your business needs.

Is there a subscription fee for Text to Landline?

There is no subscription for using Text to Landline messaging; however, you will need to opt-in in order to start using it. The fees only apply whenever you send or receive a message. You can always stop texting to landline and opt-out from the service.

How do I know if my landline message hasn’t been delivered?

Yes, you will be notified if the message hasn’t been delivered. It can include the information telling you what caused the failure. However, there are landline phone numbers where you cannot send text messages; this includes emergency operators, phone numbers outside the US, fax machines, and a few others. 

Is there a fee to send or receive landline messages?

To send text messages, the sender will need to pay an initial fee; however, the following texts will be charged according to the messaging plan of your provider. You will not be charged if the message fails to be delivered or another notification asks you to accept the fee. 

What features could I benefit from as a business?

First of all, you will have access to advantages like a bigger pool of clients and an additional means of communication with them. Secondly, depending on your software, you can use features and tools that will greatly help you manage messages during or after working hours. These can include auto-replies when you are away or on holiday, scheduled text messages like reminders and upcoming promotions, and personalized messages to congratulate with a birthday or long-lasting cooperation.

Since you can have a massive database of numbers, the automated system can check each of them and remove expired numbers to clean the list. There are other features that you will find advantageous for your business.

The Bottom Line

It is clear that the Text to Landline message service is definitely a valuable feature to opt-in for the sake of better customer service, improved company image, and efficient communication with your audience. If you integrate text-enabled landline software into your everyday business communication, you will notice the increase in inquiries but also you will reach more customers.

Personalize your messages to tailor them to customers’ needs and preferences. Use the software smartly so your clients will see value and convenience in it rather than a tool for spamming. And soon, you will profit from higher conversion and retention rates. Watch a free demo from Weave to learn how to exchange business two-way texting with your customers.