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You don’t need to be a marketer to take advantage of email marketing.

Email marketing generates, on average, $38 of new business for every $1 spent. That’s a 3,800% return on investment! But for many small businesses, it’s often forgotten, or pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

Weave Email Marketing is built for non-experts to get up to speed quickly and email like pros. No need to be an email marketer, writer, or graphic designer. Choose from a constantly-expanding library of pre-written email templates, and a library of free images, to start email marketing Day 1.

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Start growing revenue… in under 10 minutes!

59% of consumers say that email marketing campaigns influence their purchasing decisions. You never know when an email will reach a customer at just the right time to remind them to schedule an appointment or make a purchase.

We’ll take you from zero to marketing hero, with best practices and great emails built into the platform. Stay top of mind with reminders to take advantage of end-of-year benefits, holiday greetings, and other promotions to keep your business growing.

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Mass communication with no extra hurdles.

You can use Weave Email Marketing for more than just promotions and email newsletters. Email is also essential for communicating other critical updates, like if you are changing your office hours, temporarily closing, re-opening, or opening at a new location. We’ve made it easy for businesses like yours to deliver critical updates to their entire customer base.

Even better, we’ve written the most common email updates for you (including for COVID-19)! Just customize with your office name, and any other unique information, and get crucial information to all of your customers or email list.

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Communicate the way your customers prefer - whether that’s a call, text, or email.

People prefer getting their information in different ways for different things. Some prefer email, others would rather get a text message. Some would rather get promotions in their email inbox, and more critical updates via text or phone call.

Combined with the rest of Weave’s business toolbox, Weave Email Marketing gives you the ability to communicate with customers no matter where they get their information: whether that’s a call, text message, or email.

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Lonna White + White Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

“Weave Email Marketing is a great tool to be able to email all patients that have or want their email address on file, to not only inform them of an emergent situation, such as COVID-19, but also to send out specials or other important information.”

+ Idaho Dental Office

“I typed up an email - made a few choices - click click click - email sent to everyone I had opted to get it. What’s not a 10 about that?”

It’s like having your own email marketing team.

We built Email Marketing for the small businesses that just don’t have time to sit down and write emails. Think about it like this: it’s like having your own email marketing team. Here’s how:

  • We’ve written common marketing emails for you, so you can start getting the benefits of email marketing immediately. No more putting off writing emails! Send your first email in minutes.
  • Don’t waste time hunting down images – we’ve included a royalty-free image library for you.
  • Forget figuring out a complicated tool: Weave Email Marketing is streamlined to have a 10 minute learning curve, so even the busiest office managers or business owners can take advantage of email marketing campaigns to grow their business. 
  • Keep team members in the loop and double-check what your emails will look like for everyone else by sending a test email before you launch an email marketing campaign.
  • Drive customers to take a specific action, like scheduling an appointment or making a transaction, by easily adding a Call to Action button to your emails and tracking how many customers click on it.
  • Leverage clear and actionable analytics, such as open rates and CTA clicks, to improve your emails and set a baseline for future campaigns.
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