Healthcare practices face the daily challenge of managing complex patient calls. Practice staff need to provide great patient service while simultaneously collecting important information and organizing the office’s schedule. The sheer volume can overwhelm even the most efficient teams. 

Improving your patient calls for quality assurance and efficiency is no small task. Despite the adoption of call recording technologies, practices often find themselves buried under data with little to no actionable insight.

The Limits of Patient Call Recording

Patient call recording alone has its merits for revisiting patient calls for review or training purposes, but it often becomes a manual, labor-intensive process that shifts focus away from core business activities; a practice manager or call analyst may spend hours listening to recorded phone calls only to identify one or two possible improvements. Additionally, staff may have a subjective bias that only considers a single aspect of a practice, or only notices problems from negative patient interactions.

Limits of Patient Call Recording Software:

  • Manual and labor-intensive analysis
  • Shifts focus away from core business activities
  • Requires hours for practice managers or call analysts to identify improvements
  • Subjective bias towards single aspects of practice or negative interactions
  • Limits ability to effectively respond to patient needs or identify service and revenue improvements

Without the tools to analyze and understand general call recordings, practices cannot effectively respond to patient needs or identify opportunities to improve service and revenue. This gap between data collection and actionable insight limits a practice’s ability to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.

Introducing Call Intelligence from Weave

Weave’s Call Intelligence goes beyond traditional call recording, providing a comprehensive solution that transforms every call into valuable insights. Leveraging AI for in-depth analysis, this feature elevates patient interactions by offering:

Transform Every Call into Actionable Insights

With Weave, every call is an opportunity to better understand patient needs, improving both service offerings and patient satisfaction. Call Intelligence can effortlessly understand customer sentiment, identify key topics, and categorize call recordings for quick review. This feature effortlessly navigates conversations, highlighting areas for growth and improvement so you can elevate your customer service and drive unparalleled business success through data-driven decisions.

  • Understand customer sentiment
  • Identify key call topics
  • Categorize calls for quick review
  • Highlight areas for growth and improvement
  • Provide detailed call summaries
  • Unlock untapped revenue streams

Between providing detailed call summaries and categorizing every call, Call Intelligence is a perfect companion tool to optimize your team’s performance. Easily gain detailed action items to improve staff coaching and training.

Check out what Call Intelligence is capable of below, or learn more here.


Call Intelligence to elevate your patient experiences | Weave

Improve Patient Experiences

Weave’s Call Intelligence offers a sophisticated yet straightforward approach to improving patient experiences, striking the perfect balance between technological innovation and genuine patient care:

Streamlined Operations for Better Service 

Call Intelligence’s ability to categorize calls and pinpoint areas for improvement allows healthcare providers to refine their operations. Whether it’s making appointment scheduling more efficient or ensuring patients receive the information they need quickly, these optimizations lead to a smoother, more satisfying patient journey.

Proactive Patient Engagement 

Call Intelligence’s knack for uncovering missed appointments and potential care opportunities enables practices to actively engage with patients. This proactive approach not only ensures patients receive timely care but also deepens their trust in the healthcare provider’s commitment to their well-being.

Enhanced Staff Performance

With detailed insights from patient interactions, healthcare teams can hone their communication skills and service delivery. This data-driven guidance ensures that staff can meet patient needs more effectively, fostering a positive and reassuring environment.

Tailored Patient Communication

By analyzing call sentiments, Call Intelligence captures the essence of each patient’s needs and preferences, enabling practices to personalize their approach. This makes each patient feel heard and valued, significantly enhancing their overall experience.

Incorporating Call Intelligence into your practice isn’t just about adopting a new technology; it’s about redefining patient care. By leveraging these unique features, practices can offer a patient experience that stands out for its attentiveness, personalization, and efficiency.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

In a competitive healthcare landscape, leveraging advanced technology like Weave’s Call Intelligence sets practices apart. It delivers insights on patient sentiment and call topics, empowering practices with the information needed to lead in patient care and service excellence. While other practices could spend days trying to figure out how to improve their patient calls, practices that use Call Intelligence can have a plan to improve in moments.

Drive Profitable Growth and Increase Patient Satisfaction

Identifying revenue opportunities within each call, Weave’s Call Intelligence is more than a feature; it’s a strategic tool for growth. It can highlight opportunities where patients have described a need that your practice can address or instantly identify missed appointment opportunities and proactively follow up with leads, turning every interaction into a chance for revenue enhancement.

Features You’ll Love

Weave simplifies your workflow, offering features that change the game for healthcare practices:

  • Call Recording & Transcription: Ensures no detail is missed by capturing every patient call automatically and transcribing it for future reference.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Provides a nuanced understanding of patient satisfaction through advanced AI analysis.
  • Call Categorization: Streamlines communication strategies by organizing calls into meaningful categories.
  • Identifying Opportunities: Opens new avenues for practice growth by analyzing calls for untapped potential.

Choosing Weave’s Call Intelligence means transforming patient communication, enhancing customer service, and unlocking new opportunities for success with data-driven decisions. This solution bridges the gap between data collection and actionable insight, setting new standards in patient care and practice efficiency.

Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance

Weave strives to provide tools that enable healthcare practices to comply with their data privacy and compliance obligations. When used properly, Weave’s Call Intelligence platform helps you to ensure that your employees are disclosing information appropriately and to the correct individuals.

Through Call Intelligence, your practice will be able to review and provide necessary feedback to your employees to help keep them in line with applicable regulatory obligations. As you utilize the Weave system you can confidently identify issues and subsequently provide updated training and guidance to your staff.  

Improve Patient Interactions with Weave

Weave is so much more than phones and call recording. Want to see how Weave can attract, engage, and retain patients? Schedule a free demo to see how Weave is elevating every patient experience and touch point, all while driving practice revenue and reducing office costs.

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