The role of the dental office manager is vital in ensuring the continuous and efficient functioning of dental practices. In short, they keep the ship sailing smoothly. However, office managers encounter numerous common challenges and pain points that create daily headaches and stress.

In the video above, Heather Colicchio, Founder of the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM) breaks down some of the most significant difficulties dental office managers face, including hiring and retaining team members, dealing with dental insurance complexities, and the uncertainties brought about by the growth of Dental Support Organizations (DSOs).

Additionally, we will discuss how software solutions like Weave can empower office managers to overcome these challenges and streamline their tasks, ultimately reducing stress and enhancing productivity.

The Challenge of Hiring and Retaining Team Members

One of the most prominent pain points for dental office managers is the process of recruiting and retaining skilled team members. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this issue, leading to workforce shortages in the dental industry, as reported by the American Dental Association (ADA). Dental practices, already facing difficulties in hiring and keeping team members before the pandemic, now find themselves in a much worse situation. Heather Colicchio states, “I think post pandemic dental practices… had a challenge hiring and retaining team members, it’s been exponentially worse.”

To address staffing challenges, office managers can seek assistance from industry resources like AADOM, which offers valuable education and best practices for hiring and firing in dental practices. Consultants like Allstar Dental Academy also offer free educational resources that can help dental office managers attract the right talent, effectively onboard new hires, and establish practices that promote staff retention.

Dealing with Dental Insurance Complexities:

Another major pain point for dental office managers is the ever-evolving world of dental insurance and insurance codes. The continuous changes in insurance policies and procedures create a time-consuming burden for managers. Heather Colicchio remarks, “I think it’s always evolving… it’s a big big time suck for managers, honestly, it’s not easy.” The complexities associated with dental insurance claims processing, eligibility verification, and reimbursement levels can be overwhelming and divert valuable time and energy away from essential administrative tasks.

To tackle this challenge, dental office managers can benefit from educating themselves on dental insurance processes and best practices. AADOM provides excellent educational resources on dental insurance management, helping office managers stay updated with the latest changes in the industry.  In addition, Weave’s software solutions facilitate efficient insurance verification, reducing the time spent on the phone and on hold with insurance companies for insurance coordinators and office managers.

Uncertainty Regarding the Growth of Dental Support Organizations (DSOs):

In the coming years, dental office managers within private dental practices may face the challenge of staying competitive with the growth of Dental Support Organizations (DSOs). DSOs are becoming increasingly prevalent, and they offer attractive opportunities for dentists who own multiple locations. The rise of DSOs may raise concerns for small, individually-owned dental practices in terms of maintaining their competitiveness and delivering personalized service.


The role of the dental office manager is not easy. Dental office managers confront numerous headache-inducing issues in their day-to-day operations in addition to the difficulties of recruiting and retaining team members, navigating dental insurance complexities, and responding to the growth of DSOs. However, solutions like those offered by Weave can play a crucial role in simplifying their tasks and reducing stress.

Weave’s advanced software solutions provide dental office managers with streamlined communication tools, including all-in-one communication solutions, that facilitate patient interactions and enhance the overall patient experience. By utilizing Weave’s features, dental offices can effectively manage patient appointments, improve communication through various channels, and enhance efficiency in administrative tasks. These time-saving features enable managers to dedicate more attention to vital responsibilities, such as team management and strategic planning.

Additionally, Weave’s user-friendly interface and integrative capabilities allow seamless coordination between different aspects of dental office management, such as patient records, scheduling, and insurance processing. The system’s automation capabilities can streamline billing tasks and claim submissions, reducing the administrative burden and saving valuable time for managers.

In conclusion, dental office managers encounter various challenges and pain points in their roles, but with the support of industry resources like AADOM and the adoption of software solutions like Weave, they can overcome these obstacles. By leveraging technology and education, dental office managers can focus on delivering exceptional patient care, staying ahead of industry changes, and successfully managing their practices. Ultimately, software solutions like Weave empower office managers to accomplish more, simplify their tasks, and reduce stress, contributing to the overall success and growth of their dental practices.

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