Do you want to expand your dermatology practice but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. 

As a dermatologist or medical practice owner, you spend most of your day concerned with the patient experience, ensuring that clients with skin cancer, stubborn acne, eczema, or anything else receive the thorough, efficient care they need. The last thing you have time to worry about is dermatology marketing, but if you want to expand your patient base, you need to adopt the latest tactics. 

At Weave, we make it easy to automate simple marketing tactics for hands-free patient acquisition with digital tools for dermatology practices. Read on to learn the top 15 ways you can grow your dermatology clinic, then check-out our Medical Software to begin implementing our tips in a streamlined way. 

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9 out of 10 people check online reviews before choosing a business

Weave helps you easily collect and monitor reviews on Google and Facebook. These reviews can be some of the best marketing for your business.

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Online Dermatology Marketing Ideas

Digital marketing allows you to reach new patients on the channels they use most often. Try our digital marketing ideas below to boost the online presence of your dermatology practice. 

1. Enhance Your Website

Your dermatology website design should show a prospective patient that your practice cares about fast, efficient, streamlined, and intuitive experiences. New patients expect to find the information they need quickly through seamless navigational maps, easy-to-find contact information, unified branding, and more. Keep the following tips in mind when enhancing your website:

  • Create all content for mobile and desktop devices using responsive designs 
  • Provide contact information in a convenient place
  • Prioritize page loading speeds
  • Keep a consistent brand across content, color schemes, patterns, logos, etc.

Your website should offer convenience for your existing patients as well. For example, with Weave, you can integrate Online Scheduling and payments directly on your website so patients can pay their bills easily without needing to call. 

2. Implement SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows your website to rank high when people search for things like “best dermatologist near me” or “What skin condition do I have?” Local SEO can help your dermatology clinic reach new patients in your area, while basic SEO broadens your reach to a nationwide or global scale for expanding your clinic to new areas. Here are a few tips for your dermatology SEO marketing strategy:

  • Research keywords for your practice area and location
  • Include keywords throughout your website content
  • Optimize page speeds on your website
  • Source backlinks from authoritative websites
  • Consistently publish high-quality content
  • Avoid overstuffing content with keywords
  • Run your website through an SEO audit and fix any errors

3. Publish Online Ads (PPC)

Paid advertising helps you quickly reach wider audiences without the time and manual work required for SEO. 

You can create a Google ad to help your website surface for specific search engine queries or social media ads that appear when potential patients scroll through their favorite apps. Spend time researching keywords before crafting your ad, as your keywords will determine which audiences your reach. 

4. Gather Reviews

Patient reviews speak volumes about your practice. When a potential patient shops around for a dermatology practice, they will likely read at least one online review to consider the clinic’s trustworthiness and experience. Your online reputation not only impacts your practice’s success but can boost your SEO. 

Each positive review you generate on Google helps you rank higher in the search engine algorithm. 

Reputation management can feel like an overwhelming task when patients fail to leave reviews or leave a negative one for a seemingly unknown reason. At Weave, we help you streamline Review Management so you can gain new patients while increasing your Google rankings. With our platform, you can collect more positive reviews, manage your online reputation, and easily respond to people. 

5. Create Local Business Listings

A local business listing allows your website to appear on directories that list local services, like Yelp,, and Google Business Profile. Such directories allow users to find local services with all the information they need in quick snapshots, including the company’s phone number, hours, and average rating. 

You can typically list your practice for free on most platforms to help more patients discover your services. Be sure to include accurate information, including contact details and hours of operation. 

6. Build a Social Media Presence

Social media marketing allows you to expand your brand’s awareness so more people recognize your dermatology practice as the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reputable option. Sharing your website content can naturally boost SEO while directing patients to your website to schedule appointments. You can engage with your audience by sharing medical spa tips, helpful skincare products, blog posts, statistics, and much more. 

We recommend selecting the social media platforms that your target audience uses most often. Your dermatology marketing strategy may already be packed full of other tasks, so you don’t want to waste time attempting to master five different channels. Instead, consider the age of your average patient, then find which platform matches that age group. 

7. Create Email and Newsletter Campaigns

Email marketing is the tried and trusted digital marketing dermatology practice strategy for a reason. Email campaigns allow you to easily remind a patient about your dermatology service on a channel they use daily. If you struggle with rescheduling rates, email or newsletter campaigns will likely be your number-one tool. 

Here are a few ideas for email campaigns:

  • Reminders for existing clients to schedule an appointment
  • Newsletter updates regarding promotions, deals, or discounts
  • Links to blog posts, like “Top 10 Tips for Fighting Stubborn Acne” (this can help with SEO too!)

Many practices veer away from email campaigns because they can seem time-consuming to set up manually. With the right automation tools, you can scale your efforts in no time. At Weave, our Email Marketing platform allows you to automate personalized messages, schedule emails, and grow your revenue in just minutes. 

Dermatology Patient Marketing Ideas

Involving your current patients in your marketing plan is an easy way to expand your practice without investing too much time or effort. Try our patient-related dermatology practice marketing ideas below for a quick win. 

8. Start a Referral Program 

Referral programs help you reach people who actively need a new dermatologist but don’t know where to go. Your referral program can offer incentives, like discounts on services or free products, to patients who refer friends or to their friends that schedule appointments. 

Even if you don’t gain too many new patients through the program, you can at least spread some word-of-mouth awareness about your practice so more people know who to turn to next time they need a dermatologist. 

9. Ask for Referrals

If you don’t want to discount your services through an incentivized referral program, you can simply ask your patients for referrals directly. If you have an excellent experience with a patient who seems grateful for your skin care services, consider asking them to tell their friends and family about the practice. 

You can do the same with positive online reviews. Simply respond to any positive reviews by thanking the patient and kindly asking them to spread the word. 

10. Send Out Post-Visit Surveys

Your healthcare marketing efforts don’t just have to go toward expanding your practice. Sometimes, the most useful marketing strategy involves improving how your organization operates, so you can naturally retain more patients by providing a well-rounded, positive experience. If you struggle to retain patients or have relatively low ratings, consider sending out post-visit surveys to discover why. 

Surveys can reveal the top pain points patients face at your practice and how you can improve. For example, maybe people dislike how long they need to wait before appointments or how the payment system works. 

You may also include post-visit surveys in your content marketing strategy as testimonials. Assuming you receive consent from the patient, you can use positive feedback from the survey as advertising material on your website or social media channels. 

Traditional Dermatology Marketing Ideas

Many traditional marketing services still yield results when executed correctly. Whether you want to target an older age group or hit every base possible with your marketing strategy, consider the following ideas. 

11. Advertise on the Radio

As society shifts, more people spend time on social media and digital streaming services and less time on radio channels. That being said, many adults still spend each morning listening to the radio on their commute to work. If you want to target this age group, consider advertising your practice on the radio. 

You may also be able to create similar ads on more modern podcasts or YouTube channels if you want to reach younger audiences. Consider all of the associated costs and potential returns before choosing these methods. 

12. Expand Brand Awareness With Billboards

Billboards are excellent tools for expanding your brand awareness in a local area. Everyone who drives on that specific road will likely begin to recognize your practice’s name over time. 

While billboards may not immediately lead to more appointments, they can boost recognition, which may encourage people to choose you later on when they do need a dermatologist. 

13. Sponsor Local Events

Sponsoring a local event can help your practice boost its local esteem. People in the area can recognize you as a caring, giving, and reputable entity willing to give back to the community. Like billboards, sponsorship may not offer immediate returns, but they can offer long-term brand awareness for improved scheduling rates down the line. 

Other Dermatology Marketing Ideas

If you want to try something more unique with your medical, cosmetic, or plastic surgery marketing tactics, consider the following ideas. 

14. Offer Giveaways

Giveaways can quickly bring more patients in the door. You can advertise free skincare samples, discounts on cosmetic procedures, and other rewards. You can also keep existing clients coming back by offering discounts or gifts after a certain number of services. 

15. Give Patients Free SWAG

Free branded swag is a simple way to boost brand recognition. You can give your patients t-shirts, totes, hats, pens, stickers, and more with your practice’s logo. When they sport their gift around town, more people in the area will discover your practice. 

Dermatology marketing can seem overwhelming at first. With Weave’s Medical Software, you can quickly master the trade and expand your practice using automated email campaigns, review collection tools, and more. Schedule a Weave demo today to see our solution in action or call us at 833-572-2139 with any questions.

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9 out of 10 people check online reviews before choosing a business

Weave helps you easily collect and monitor reviews on Google and Facebook. These reviews can be some of the best marketing for your business.

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