As a dental office owner, you can capitalize on Facebook posts to attract new patients, retain existing patients, and improve your brand reputation. However, if you’re not a Facebook marketing expert, you may be unsure which dental social media posts to include on your page — and which to avoid.

We’ve created this guide to key you into dental Facebook post ideas that can shape your social media marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about dental social media posts and how to optimize your Facebook page.

What to Post on Your Dental Facebook Page?

Posting on your dental office’s Facebook page is an excellent way to market your brand and services to potential patients for free. However, creating the wrong kinds of posts can hurt your reputation and profitability.

Generally, your Facebook posts should check two boxes:

Portray your dental office in a positive light.
Convince readers to purchase your services.
Additionally, Facebook allows you to create several types of posts, including:

  • Text posts
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • GIFs
  • Polls
  • Photo albums
  • Slideshows

Creating all of these post types can increase followers’ engagement with your Facebook page. However, the information and content you include in each post can and should vary significantly.

Your Facebook posts make up a small percentage of the posts your followers see when scrolling through their Facebook feeds. As a result, your posts need to be engaging and creative to grab your followers’ attention.

Posting a blend of posts can increase your chances of attracting your followers and converting them from leads to patients.

Ideas for Creative Dental Posts

If you’re new to dental social media marketing, you may want to plan a few posts in advance before uploading them to your social media page. Planning your Facebook posts strategically can ensure that they accomplish the goals you’ve set for them. It can also allow you to run the posts by other staff members before making them public.

Here are a few dental Facebook post ideas to add to your queue of social media posts:

Dental Implants

If your dental practice offers implants, your Facebook page can serve as a marketing tool to advertise these products.

For example, you can create text posts about:

  • The benefits of implants
  • Your dental implant process
  • Special deals and sales on implants
  • Signs your followers need implants
  • How implants can improve dental hygiene

You can also consider posting before-and-after photos to show how natural and cohesive implants look in the mouth. Feel free to link out to your dental website to give followers access to more information about this service.

Targeting specific services in your social media content can help enhance profitability for those services.

Dental Service and Dental Products

Many of your potential patients probably don’t spend much time each day thinking about their dental health. However, once they begin following your Facebook page, your Facebook posts can serve as an active reminder for them to schedule your services and take care of their teeth.

For example, you can create related posts about:

  • The services you offer
  • How often patients should schedule each service
  • The steps you follow in a specific dental service
  • Why each service is necessary for oral health
  • Any discounts you offer on dental services

Posting about your services can also increase dental SEO and local SEO. For example, you can create posts with the phrase “our dental services in {your city and state}” to attract prospective patients in your local area. Because your local audience makes up most of your dental patient base, targeting these users is essential.

Dental Hygiene Education

Your social media platforms can also act as resources for patients to learn more about dental hygiene. These social media post ideas can give your dental clinic authority and professionalism, allowing prospective patients to trust your practice.

For example, you can create text posts, videos, and photos sharing:

  • The correct way to brush your teeth
  • How often you should floss
  • Signs of tooth decay

These posts act as indirect marketing tools. Because they do not actively market your dental practice, your followers can view them as more reliable and accurate, increasing their trust in your dentist practice.

Mind-Blowing Facts

Sharing facts and statistics is often an effective way to convince readers to schedule your services. For example, you can share facts that serve as a wake-up call to persuade readers to take care of their dental health. You can also simply share fun facts that invite readers to engage with your posts by liking or commenting.

However, before you share any facts on a social media platform, be sure to back them up with reliable references. The last thing you want to do is share false information that could portray your dental practice as unreliable.

Ask For Thoughts

Inviting your followers to share their thoughts and opinions with your practice is an excellent way to improve your brand reputation. Doing so can portray a sense of humility and community. Your patients can feel comfortable coming to your practice with any concerns, strengthening their relationship with and loyalty to your practice.

Bring Humor

There’s nothing wrong with including a little lighthearted humor on your social channel. Humor can personalize and humanize your dental practice. It can also remove some of the fear that patients associate with dental practices.

Of course, you should include only non-offensive humor in your content marketing strategy. Your jokes should never offend or call out any patients. If you’re ever unsure whether a humorous post is appropriate, it probably isn’t.

Share Testimonials

Sharing patient testimonials on your Facebook page can encourage followers to schedule with your dental practice. However, obtaining testimonials and reviews from patients isn’t always easy.

Thankfully, there are tools that allow you to automatically request patient reviews after each appointment. Once patients leave your practice, they can receive an automated text message and email inviting them to leave a review. This hands-off process can increase your reviews tenfold, giving you valuable marketing material to include in Facebook posts.

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Increasing Your Facebook Fans

The organic content you post to your Facebook feed will only be visible to your fans, which are those who have “liked” your page. As a result, growing your fanbase can increase your marketing reach and improve your dental marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips to gain more Facebook fans:

  • Host social media giveaways that require participants to like your Facebook page.
  • Share your Facebook handle at the end of all other dental marketing materials.
  • Offer discounts when users like your Facebook page.
  • Send automatic texts inviting patients to follow your Facebook.

Try Posting On Facebook Live

Posting live streams on Facebook Live is another compelling dental marketing idea.

You can use Facebook Live to share important announcements, interview your staff, demonstrate a new tool or process, or announce giveaway winners. However, be sure to prepare well before you begin a live stream to ensure that your video looks professional, high-quality, and engaging.

Facebook Ad

You can also consider creating paid Facebook ads as part of your digital marketing strategy. Paid ads can reach people who do not currently follow your dental practice, allowing you to expand your patient base and attract new followers. You can pair your Facebook ad strategy with a Google Ad or Instagram story ad campaign to increase your reach further.

Potential Facebook Post Ideas to Avoid

We highly recommend getting creative with your Facebook posts and posting about a wide range of topics. However, here are a few dental Facebook post ideas you may want to avoid:

  • Rude humor
  • Posts with poor grammar
  • Posts bashing other dental practices
  • Posts complaining about patients

Again, your dental practice needs to portray your staff and services positively throughout your marketing content.

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