Your dental office’s success depends not only on your dentistry expertise and high-quality services but also on your marketing strategy. In this digital age, remaining competitive in the dental industry is next to impossible without a strong digital marketing campaign that aids patient retention and brings in new patients.

Thankfully, implementing a successful marketing strategy doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. We’ve created this article to let you in on ten dental advertising samples that you can use to market your own dentistry clinic.

Read on to learn ten tried-and-true dental marketing ideas and examples you can use in your practice, then check out how great dental software can simplify all of your marketing efforts here.

1. Dental Makeover or “Showing” Results Ads

When you create dental ads, you want to be sure that they catch viewers’ attention quickly and showcase what makes your dental practice unique. One surefire way to check both of these boxes is to display dental makeovers within your ads.

If your dental practice is like many, you probably take “before” and “after” pictures of patients’ teeth when you make noticeable improvements to their smiles. So why not display some of the best transformations in your digital ads?

For example, if you offer teeth whitening services, you can include pictures of patients’ teeth before and after whitening in your advertisements. Alternatively, if you provide Invisalign or any orthodontic services, you can showcase the beautiful results your patients have achieved through your dental care services.

Creating ads that highlight your practices can allow potential patients to better understand the results they could experience by coming to your office. These ads can also detail your doctors’ expertise and professionalism, allowing prospective patients to trust your practices.

2. Click-to-Call Ads

One of the most critical steps prospective patients can take in the lead generation funnel is calling your office. Once they initiate a call, they can speak with your friendly staff directly, learn more about your services, and schedule an appointment — converting them from leads to patients.

Because calling your office is so essential, you should try to make it as easy as possible for users to initiate those calls. We recommend using click-to-call ads through Google AdWords.

Click-to-call ads only appear on mobile devices and allow users to call your office rather than visiting landing pages. When users click on these ads, they redirect to their phone’s calling app, allowing them to initiate a call to your practice with a click of a button.

It’s best to include incentives in these ads for why users should call your practice. For example, perhaps you are offering a new patient deal that allows them to receive their first exams for free. Or maybe you can invite them to call to learn more about your new Invisalign services.

Click-to-call ads can remove any barriers that could prevent prospective clients from calling your office. Additionally, these ads can give you analytics that allow you to review their success long-term.

Altogether, you can’t go wrong adding this form of Google ad to your marketing strategy.

3. Online Review

Have you ever read reviews of a restaurant, healthcare practice, store, or company before visiting it? If so, you know the power of online reviews.

Let’s face it — people know that paid advertisements can sometimes be deceiving. However, when they read online reviews of your practice from actual dental patients, they can trust that the information in the reviews is accurate and reliable.

One of the easiest ways to encourage existing patients to leave reviews of your practice is to use marketing automation software like Weave. With Weave Reviews, you can automatically send review requests to patients a specified amount of time after their dental care appointments.

These review request messages can include convenient links to review platforms like Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews, making it easier than ever for patients to review your practice. Once a patient leaves a review, you’ll receive an automatic notification from Weave inviting you to check out what the patient said about your dental office.

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4. Dental Jokes and Humor

Dental advertisements don’t always need to be serious. In fact, including dental jokes and humorous phrases in your marketing can make your advertisements even more effective.

Using humor in marketing can provide several benefits for your advertising strategy. First, jokes are often more eye-catching than direct information about your company. Viewers may be more likely to interact with ads that include humor than ones that are more cut and dry.

Additionally, humor creates a stronger connection with viewers, often leading to higher recall. When viewers can recall your ads more clearly or remember them longer, they may think of your practice when they need a dental service down the line.

Humor can be especially beneficial in the dental industry, as many people associate visiting the dentist with negative emotions.

Here are a few examples of dental jokes that you can shape advertisements around:

  • Why should you sometimes get a second opinion from a new dentist? Because every dentist has their own floss-ophy.
  • Which teeth do you need to brush every day? The ones you want to keep.
  • What does a dentist call x-rays? Tooth-pics.

We recommend only using jokes that do not paint an immature, offensive, or unprofessional image of your practice. Instead, try to maintain your professionalism while showing viewers that your team has a sense of humor.

5. Old School Dental Advertisement Posters

Many dental advertising methods appeal to the younger generation, leaving older users out. If you’re looking for a way to encourage older individuals to schedule with your dentistry office, you may want to include old-school dental advertisement posters in your strategy.

Old-school advertisements have a specific tone and appearance that can catch the attention of old and young viewers alike. These ads typically include black-and-white images, cartoons rather than real photos, and outdated fonts. Many of these ads also have catchy slogans, such as “Guard your natural teeth — they are best!”

You can incorporate these old-school ads into your dental advertising strategy in a few ways:

  • Create your own fun advertisements that mimic the style of old ones
  • Include old-school ads to highlight how dental practices have changed over the years
  • Feature old-school ads to catch viewers’ attention, then invite them to schedule with your practice

6. Direct Mail and Dental Print Ads

Sending direct mail to potential customers is an important step in creating a versatile, effective dental marketing plan. While you can reach many people through digital methods like social media, email, and text, not everyone has a digital presence. However, most people have a mailbox to which you can send direct mail.

Direct mail advertisements present an excellent opportunity to increase awareness about your brand. You can create and send dental print ads that:

  • Discuss your services
  • Include your price points
  • Introduce your dentists
  • Discuss any current deals or discounts that individuals can take advantage of

All of these points can bring awareness about your practice to prospective clients, making them more likely to reach out and schedule an appointment.

7. Dental Facebook Ads

As of 2020, around 240 million people in the U.S. had Facebook profiles — which is about 71% of the population. Facebook ads have the potential to reach a significant percentage of the people in your area, making them an effective tool to improve your advertising strategy.

One of the best benefits of Facebook ads is their ability to target specific populations. For example, you can display ads to users who have searched for your practice in the past, helping to jog their memory. You can also target users who have searched for dental-related terms on search engines.

Facebook ads can allow you to reach potential clients while they’re scrolling through their social media feeds. However, viewers may be tempted to scroll right past your ad unless it contains interesting information, graphics, or videos they want to engage with. Here are a few ideas for content you can include in dental Facebook ads:

  • Highlight the importance of oral health and dental care
  • Present special deals and discounts
  • Include photos and videos of your practice
  • Feature your name, contact information, and branding
  • Show the results of cosmetic dentistry practices

8. Vital Social Media Dental Videos

Advertising on social media platforms can allow you to expand your reach significantly. However, you do not always need to pay to use this advertising strategy. You can also create organic, or free, social media content that markets your dentistry practice.

Most social media platforms allow you to post several types of content: text posts, images, videos, and GIFs. While we recommend creating all of these types of content, you may want to focus your efforts on producing high-quality video marketing posts.

Creating videos to post on your social media pages is an excellent way to engage with existing and new patients. You can create vital social media dental videos about:

  • What to expect when new patients come to your office
  • Your doctors and their specialties
  • Your dentistry processes, such as how you apply dental crowns or fill cavities

Social media marketing can also contribute to your content marketing strategy, helping to improve your local SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is essential in making your dental practice visible to people searching for dentists on search engines like Google. Enhancing your dental SEO can help you generate more new leads than ever before.

9. Ads That Resemble or Hide Teeth

You should plan to include a wide range of different types of advertisements in your dental marketing campaign. Diversifying your advertising strategy can help you reach the most people through your ads and ensure that your campaign hits home with different types of people.

Sometimes the most effective ads are ones that include only subtle hints about your business. For example, you can create advertisements that resemble or hide teeth. When users scroll past these ads, they may receive a subtle reminder that they need to schedule an appointment with a new dental practice.

10. Dental Advertising Slogans

Have you ever had a slogan or jingle come to mind when trying to think of a business’s name or contact information? If so, you know the power of slogans in dental advertising. If your dental clinic does not currently have a slogan, we recommend taking time to create one, then including it in most or all of your marketing strategies.

Altogether, your dental marketing strategy is your practice’s lifeline. Implementing the above advertising methods in your dental clinic can help you bring in more patients and increase your profitability, allowing you to stay competitive in a booming market.

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