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Now you don’t have to call all your scheduled patients to remind them about their appointment.

Weave’s appointment reminder software automatically reminds your scheduled patients for you.

Patients can confirm via text, or open up a dialogue via text message if the appointment is no longer going to work.

Weave recognizes affirmative and negative language in your customers’ responses. For example, if they respond with, “Sounds good!” Weave will automatically recognize that as a confirmation in your system.

If they respond with, “I’ll be busy,” you’ll be notified in your system to follow up to reschedule.

This reduces no-shows and increases your appointments scheduled without spending the time calling patients.

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Appointment Reminders Made Easy

In the Weave Settings, you can set up reminders based on appointment type and how far in advance you want to send them a reminder.

You can personalize the text message however you want. You can also customize a message with the patient name and name of doctor.

Want to exclude certain appointment types? Filter out by appointment type, provider, and more to exclude specific appointments from reminders.

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Weave’s Smart Technology
helps you do more with less.

+ Administrator in Medical Practice

"We have less empty spots in the schedule. We are able to fill our openings either that are empty to start or happen last-minute with cancellations without having to make a ton of calls."

Rebekah R. + Optician

"Weave has cut back on our time spent reminding people of their appointments and made communication with our patients so much better!"

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Here’s What You’ll Love About Weave’s Automated Appointment Reminders

Machine Learning Recognizes Affirmative and Negative Language to Analyze Responses

Weave will automatically detect whether or not a customer confirmed or declined in their response. This saves you even more time in confirming, and keeps you proactive in making sure declines reschedule their appointment.

Customize Text and Email Reminders By When The Appointment Reminder Sends

Schedule appointment reminders to go out on the day of, the day before, or even 7 days before the appointment date–it’s up to you how soon in advance you want to send a reminder, and how frequently.

Customize By Appointment Type

Send confirmations to unconfirmed appointments and have them confirm or reschedule. Send friendly reminders to confirmed appointments as a courtesy. Or, send reminders to all your appointments.

Increase New Appointments With Recall Reminders

Reminders aren’t only for scheduled appointments. Automatically send appointment reminders for patients who haven’t been in the office for a certain amount of time, encouraging them to schedule. Now you don’t have to manually call patients every day or mail out postcards–and still increase appointments scheduled.

Personalize Your Appointment Reminder

Weave’s Appointment Reminder Software personalizes reminder messages based on:
·Patient Name
·Appointment Date and Time
·Name of Doctor
·Office Number (in case they need to reschedule)
·Practice Name

In your appointment reminder, you can include:

·Request to confirm in case they can’t make it
·How to reschedule, so you can reduce no shows
·Your cancellation policy
·A discount incentive to schedule an appointment
·Emojis to brighten up the message 😃🤣😇

And it only takes minutes to set up a friendly, personalized reminder. We even have a template library to get you started right away!

Features to Look for in the Best Appointment Reminder System

You already know that missed appointments cost your business money. They also negatively impact the health of patients in a medical or dental office while compromising patient outcomes.

Even though you can’t prevent missed appointments entirely, you can dramatically reduce their numbers.

Reminding patients of their appointments not only helps increase your attendance rates, but it also reduces no-shows. And, when a patient does cancel their appointment, they’re more likely to notify you of the cancellation in advance, leaving you more time to fill the newly vacant slot.

There are several appointment reminder systems available today; however, not all of them offer the features you’re likely going to need to be successful in increasing attendance.

We recommend looking for the following features as you shop for appointment reminder system:

Text Message Delivery Options

Simple appointment reminder systems often limit themselves to phone calls and emails. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, these delivery options do have some issues.

1. Not everyone answers the phone or bothers to check voicemail messages.
2. Email messages often go to spam, remain unopened, or aren’t checked regularly.

Because of these flaws, it’s necessary to have an appointment reminder system that has a text message delivery option.

Text messages get opened 97% of the time. Further, the vast majority of text messages get opened within 2 minutes, so texting is one of the most immediate ways to reach someone.

Also, not everyone answers a call from a number they don’t recognize. If your patient doesn’t have your number programmed in their phone or their phone doesn’t detect the name of your business, you risk having your call going unanswered.


Being able to customize your appointment reminders is a must. Some systems are limited in this functionality, so be sure to check for the following capabilities:

Personalization Features

You should be able to use merge fields for patient name, doctor name, appointment date and time, phone number, special instructions, and more.

Flexible Appointment Reminder Scheduling

Don’t limit yourself to systems that only allow you to send reminders at specific intervals. The right system will let you schedule them down to the minute.

Ability to Modify the Text Template

Too often, we see generic appointment reminders. You shouldn’t be limited to pre-filled templates or a set number of options. From the greeting to the call to action, you should be in total control of how your messages are crafted.

Appointment Categorization

You should be able to specify the types of appointments that get messages. For example, choose to send a reminder to all appointments, confirmed appointments, or unconfirmed appointments.

Another advanced feature is the ability to customize a patient record for reminders. For example, you might have some patients that don’t want any reminders, or there could be some patients in your practice that want daily reminders all the way up to their appointment.

Don’t let a system force you into a one-size-fits-all communication model. You should be able to customize your communication for each patient.

Emoji Keyboard

The use of emojis in text communication has skyrocketed in recent years. These graphical icons are even showing up in professional communication. While emojis aren’t for everyone, they can add an element of fun and friendliness to an otherwise routine text message exchange.

While emojis are fun and allow you to showcase your personality, resist the urge to go overboard. Here’s an example of a well-done message in action:

🙈🙊🙉 Oh no! It looks like you missed your appointment today with {Doctor Name}. Please call {Office Number} to reschedule.

The reason this message is so compelling is that it acknowledges the missed appointment without seeming overly stern. The monkey emojis add an element of playfulness. Instead of making a patient feel embarrassed or ashamed for not showing up for an appointment, they’ll likely interpret this message as a friendly suggestion to reschedule.

Actionable Messages

An appointment reminder without the option to take action isn’t all that helpful. Patients should be able to confirm and cancel their appointment directly via text, and those changes should also be reflected in the practice management system.

For example, if Sally gets a reminder on Monday for an appointment on Tuesday at 2:45 pm, she should have the option to confirm, cancel, or reschedule. If she chooses to cancel, then the practice management system should remove Sally’s name from the schedule.

Further, if Sally gets an option to reschedule with a list of available appointment times, and she chooses one, then her new appointment should also be reflected on your calendar.

Recall Reminders

If you’re not paying close attention, a patient could stop scheduling appointments. It’s likely not personal—life gets busy, and it probably slipped their mind.

A quality appointment reminder system will detect (based on your settings) when a patient has lapsed and then send an outreach message, recommending that they schedule an appointment.

An example would be something like this:

Hi {Customer Name}, this is Dr. {Doctor Name}’s Office. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you! Would you like to schedule a time to come in? Please give us a call to get on our schedule.

You could even offer a special incentive to come in, such as a percentage discount or a free treatment.

Don’t Compromise on Functionality

As you evaluate your options for an appointment reminder system, consider the needs of your business and your individual patients. Some of the features on our list may be more important than others. Regardless of the system you choose, you shouldn’t have to compromise on functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re already using a postcard reminder. Why should we use an appointment reminder software?

There are a number of reasons that an appointment reminder software is more successful than a postcard, and even more reasons that customizable automated appointment reminders (like Weave’s) increase that success.

Text message reminders and email reminders are typically delivered right to the person you’re trying to reach. Postcards, however, are delivered to the address on file but aren’t guaranteed to get into the right person’s hands. For this reason alone, an appointment reminder software is usually a great solution for any business.

Two-way communication
Two-way communication with Weave is much easier with a text message reminder than with a postcard. Not only is it easier, it’s faster.With Weave’s reminder software, the customer or patient can just respond to the text reminder if they have any questions or if they need to change their appointment time or date.With a postcard, the customer or patient is required to call into the office at a time that the office is open in order to have the same conversation.

I don’t know what to write! Do you have text message templates to use for my business?
We have a full library of templates you can use to get you started. Plus, the shorter the better. So no need to be worried about writer’s block!

Are these HIPAA-compliant?
This is a common question that medical professionals have. The answer is yes. In fact, there isn’t a specific way to set up reminders when it comes to HIPAA compliance. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has this to say about appointment reminder messages, “Yes, appointment reminders are considered part of treatment of an individual and, therefore, can be made without an authorization.” Keeping this in mind, it is still important to be cognizant of patient requests when it comes to automated reminders.

Will Weave connect with my calendar?
Weave integrates with several different software across multiple industries. This allows Weave users the ability to set frequencies and content of reminders to go out on an automatic schedule. This saves time for the entire staff. Weave’s appointment reminder software is one of the most versatile systems on the market.

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In case you were wondering. We’re so confident you’ll love us, we don’t try to trap you with a contract.

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