If you’re considering becoming a medical esthetician, you must develop a well-crafted resume and cover letter to stand out from the competition. Your medical esthetician resume should display obvious requirements like your educational background and esthetician license, plus relevant skills like your proven ability to attend to client needs while delivering personalized skincare regimens.

Read on to learn our top tips for crafting the perfect medical esthetician resume.

Understanding the Role of a Medical Esthetician

A medical esthetician specializes in skincare treatments within a healthcare setting, working under the supervision of medical professionals. Responsibilities of a medical esthetician include performing non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as hydra facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, skin-tightening treatments, micro-needling, light therapy, and more, being sure to provide pre- and post-operative skin care while advising patients on proper skincare routines and skincare products. Overall, medical estheticians focus on improving patients’ skin health and appearance, ensuring safety and sanitation standards are met while maintaining patient confidentiality and satisfaction.

Medical esthetician roles vary from cosmetic jobs as they focus more on medical esthetic procedures and medical skin concerns rather than cosmetic treatments, such as skin cleansing. Like plastic surgeons, medical estheticians must have a blend of technical and patient-oriented skills to deliver a well-rounded treatment plan.

Essential Components of a Medical Esthetician Resume

Your medical esthetician resume should include the following essential components:

Contact Information and Professional Summary

A medical esthetician’s resume should begin with a brief summary, providing the hiring managers with the most critical details. Your resume summary should make an excellent first impression, summarizing your qualifications for the medical esthetician role in a few brief points. Be sure to include your name and contact information, plus the professional summary with your key achievements, career goals, and skills so that hiring managers know what you’re looking for in your new position.

Education and Certifications

The education section should validate your technical competence as a medical esthetician and adherence to industry standards. Hiring managers will want to see whether you’re a licensed esthetician, so be sure to list your licensing status, where you obtained it from, and the associated dates. You’ll also want to list any degrees and certifications you’ve earned under the education section.

Professional Experience

Your professional experience demonstrates your practical application of skills and achievements. Not only do you want to list previous job titles here, but you must also explain the roles you played in these positions so that hiring managers can better understand your abilities as a medical esthetician. Under each role in your medical esthetician resume, you can write a brief sentence summing up your position, then list bullet points explaining your day-to-day job functions, such as the following:

  • Conducted client consultations and skin evaluations
  • Delivered personalized treatment plans to manage an array of skin conditions
  • Provided pre- and post-operative care while adhering to sanitation and safety protocols
  • Conducted various cosmetic procedures and advanced skincare treatments, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL treatments, body wraps, LED therapy, tattoo removal, whole-body treatments, etc.
  • Conducted training programs for medical esthetician teams
  • Promoted skincare products and executed marketing strategies to increase product sales by 32%
  • Responded to customer inquiries, providing exceptional service
  • Kept up with accurate medical records following all medical esthetic treatments
  • Provided patients with educational materials on at-home skincare regimens using recommended skincare products

Skills Section

The skills section shows you possess the technical and soft skills relevant to patient-oriented care, teamwork, and skincare treatments. For example, excellent communication skills can help you deliver exceptional customer service for ideal customer satisfaction, while experience with chemical peels displays your ability to improve the client’s skin. We will discuss soft and technical skills in more detail below.

Medical Esthetician Resume Examples and Templates

Medical esthetician resume templates and examples can help you shape your application, but you must use these tools properly. Here are our top tips:

Utilizing Templates for Structure

Hiring committees care a lot about the visual appeal of your resume. Your resume’s structure should offer visual flow, displaying the most important items near the top before guiding the eyes downward. You must use clean colors, fonts, and text sizes that do not distract from the on-page copy.

You can use other medical esthetician resumes to inspire your application’s style and structure.

Customization Tips

You cannot just copy and paste a resume template, as it will not speak to your achievements. You should tailor templates to include your personal experience in a way that fits the job description. You will likely find yourself tailoring your resume objective and cover letter to each job you apply to.

Crafting Your Professional Experience Section

The professional experience section is the heart of your resume, so you must ensure that it truly displays your abilities.

Quantifying Achievements

When listing your accomplishments in a role at a med spa, be sure to include metrics anywhere you can, as specific figures can make a far greater impact. For example, you could say that you increased sunscreen sales by 32% by recommending products to pre-cancer patients.

Highlighting Patient Care and Satisfaction

Beyond your technical figures, you also want to showcase your ability to deliver customer satisfaction improvements when discussing previous job roles. For example, you could say that you increased client retention by 10% by delivering custom treatment plans catered to patients’ skin conditions, followed by client satisfaction surveys.

Skills To Highlight on Your Resume

Your resume should feature technical and soft skills, often shown as “strengths.”

Technical Skills

The following are some essential skills that any medical esthetician resume should feature:

  • Facial treatments
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • Laser treatments
  • Consultations
  • Client education
  • Retail sales
  • Customer service

Soft Skills

Soft strengths typically revolve around interpersonal skills like communication, empathy, and client satisfaction. Most successful resumes pick only a few strengths to focus on, then explain each in more depth in a sentence or two. For example, if you’re a skilled communicator, you may give an example of how you collaborated with plastic surgeons to deliver comprehensive treatment plans for a patient.

Additional Tips for a Standout Resume

Here are our last few tips for ensuring your resume looks as great as possible:

Keeping Content Concise and Relevant

You want to make your resume as readable, scannable, and engaging as possible. To do so, cut any unnecessary or non-relevant content, trim the fat from your sentences, and break up large sections of text.

Proofreading and Professional Presentation

Finally, you must carefully proofread the resume. The document should be error-free and correctly formatted to display your professionalism. We recommend grammar-checking the resume multiple times and reading it aloud to catch lingering errors.

Leveraging Weave’s Communication Tools in Your Career

At Weave, we deliver advanced communication solutions for medical esthetician practices that can enhance patient relations and operational efficiency. Familiarizing yourself with such practice software tools can be a great thing to highlight on your resume.

Weave: Helping You Grow as a Medical Esthetician

Hopefully, you take advantage of our guide above to develop your standout esthetician resume and continue growing in your career. Get a demo of Weave’s comprehensive communication platform to see how we can transform medical esthetician practice efficiency with the latest digital tools.

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