(KUTV) — It’s March, the month to celebrate women now and throughout history. Miriah Peterson of Weave Communications joined KUTV to talk about the Women-focused meetup she runs, Women Who Go Utah, and invite those interested in starting a career or adding another tool to their resume in the tech industry to join her at the Women Who Go workshops beginning in April.

Women Who Go Utah is an inclusive space for people (women and men) with interest in the Go programming language or programming in general. Monthly meetups are hosted by Weave Communications in Lehi, Utah.

Participants at the workshops can expect to learn from highly qualified teachers, join an international community of like-minded friends and gain an indispensable foundation to starting a career or hobby in tech. All levels are welcome–from beginners up.

Women Who Go Utah is supported and hosted by Weave, a unique VoIP-based integrated communications software located in the tech corridor in Lehi, Utah. Weave supports initiatives like Women Who Go to drive innovation in tech and provide opportunities for women to thrive in the tech industry.

For more information, email Miriah at [email protected], or follow @wwgutah and @getweave on Twitter for updates. For information about Weave, go to GetWeave.com.

To see the interview, go to https://kutv.com/features/fresh-living/women-who-go-utah-education-for-women-who-want-to-code?fbclid=IwAR25C9GDaH0c0JnzA3ZgRUXY0aInbHwFvSlqUXiAYibUuFH9grgSd3ui7OY

This article was originally published by kutv.com, March 4, 2019.