Lou Graham

Today's Initial Exam: Let Me Show You How To Stand Out

Get a glimpse of today’s initial exam and its use of initial exam. It’s use of customized diagnostic approaches patient by patient to truly create a treatment plan conversion and far better long-term success for your patient. From the first call or missed call, to the analytics of how to evaluate and track your patients, all of this data relates to models of efficiency for communication and ultimately the growth of your practice.

(Dental CE Credit Provided)

You'll learn:

  • The importance of the initial exam and how to set yourself apart from your competitors
  • How to make better decisions and provide a higher quality of care for your patients
  • How to maximize marketing ROI and keep new patients

“The [practice] growth summit exceeded my expectations. The speakers demonstrate how it's done while simultaneously entertaining you. This is the kind of stuff all great thought leaders should aspire to do.”

- Rachel H.
Business Manager

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