OTC Hearing Aid Regulation — What's Next?

Blaise Delfino // Inventor, Hearing Healthcare Provider, Podcast Host & Entrepreneur

Are you concerned about what the FDA’s final OTC regulation means for your practice? Join Starkey’s Director of Professional Relations and Host of the Hearing Matters Podcast, Blaise Delfino as he talks with Starkey’s Chief Compliance Officer, Michael Scholl, about what the decision means for hearing healthcare providers, how OTC hearing aids create greater access for patients, and how Listen Carefully Ambassadors across the country are educating local and state-elected officials on the importance of hearing healthcare.

You'll learn:
  • The latest news related to OTC hearing aids
  • The difference between OTC hearing aids and prescription hearing aids
  • How Listen Carefully Ambassadors are educating local and state-elected officials to ensure patient safety and satisfaction is not compromised