How to Manage Your Patient Engagement Amid Staffing Challenges

Chad Fleming // Founder at OptometryCEO

If you run a business, you’re dealing with variety of problems each week. In fact, you get rewarded by patients with money for solving problems — whether in the clinic or online. Your people are crucial to making your practice successful and in helping you solve these problems, so what if you could further maximize those human touchpoints and save time all at once? Find out how you can create an environment to function at a faster pace, all without losing the human touch.

You'll learn:
  • New ways to think about the patient engagement experience and which touchpoints are critical for human contact vs automated contact.
  • Options for changing the way you do business without changing the way people love doing business with you.
  • How to keep pushing forward in the wake of a difficult staffing season.
  • Solutions that are currently being used in some of the most successful private practices in the US.