We’ve been working on a new logo— and it’s about to go live. Here’s a quick overview to keep you in the know.


Why did we do it?

You may have loved our old logo, and we did, too. However, Weave is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. To accommodate that growth, it is imperative we have a brand that can handle the innovative direction in which we’re headed.


What does it mean?

Our new logo will represent two things that are inherent in the DNA of our company: Unity and Possibility. 

Your desktops and mobile app icons will have the new logo on them. Take heart that only the logo has changed– you’ll still enjoy the same Weave experience and support. If you come across any issues please contact customer support at 888-579-5668 or email [email protected]



Above all, we are running forward together, as a team and with our customers. We are united in our primary goal of absolutely delighting you. It is an effort that covers all fronts: product, support, training, and you as the customer letting us know where we’re doing well and where we can improve.



Weave has incredible potential in so many areas. We are explorers and endless experimenters. We’re not afraid to try, fail, and learn our way to the best experiences across the board for our customers. We’re not perfect, but, hey, that’s a possibility we’re pursuing.


It’s been a fantastic journey with you so far, and as we continue, we know this new logo will represent us well. Thank you for coming along for this exciting ride.