Transform Patient Intake with Weave Digital Forms

Make every patient’s first impression count with less effort and more smiles.

Gone are the days of endless paperwork and manual entries. Discover a new era where patient intake is quick, easy, and paperless.

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Weave’s Solution to Patient Intake: Digital Forms

Use Weave Digital Forms to transform the patient intake experience. Efficiency meets innovation right at your fingertips.

  • Ease and Convenience: With Weave Digital Forms, say goodbye to the hassle. Automate your intake process from start to finish.
  • Increased Efficiency: Reclaim your valuable time. Automated form sending and data entry means more focus on what truly matters – your patients.
  • Improved Patient Experience: First impressions last. Offer your patients the convenience of filling out forms at their leisure, anywhere, anytime.
  • Environmental Impact: Join us in going green. Less paper, less waste, more care for our planet.
Forms are just the beginning.
Forms are just the beginning.

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Why Patient Intake Should Go Digital

Save Time: 61% of claims denials come from mistakes made while inputting data from paper forms. Weave Digital Forms makes it easier to create, fill out, and input forms, saving you and your patients time.

Save Money: Paper costs can take up 3% of a practice’s annual revenue. Cut down your costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Better for Patients: 80% of patients choose providers based on convenience factors alone, and 51% of patients say they prefer a paperless experience.

Improving Every Step, Before and After Intake

Online Scheduling: Empower your patients to book their appointments at their convenience with Weave’s Online Scheduling, streamlining your intake process before it even begins.

Automated Appointment Reminders: Reduce no-shows and keep your schedule full with Weave’s Automated Appointment Reminders, ensuring patients remember their appointments every time.

Post-Visit Review Reminders: Boost your online presence and gather invaluable feedback with Weave’s Post-Visit Review Reminders, closing the loop on each visit with valuable insights.

Additional Features Built for Medical Offices

Office Favorite

Call Pop

See if a patient is on the schedule, when they are scheduled, if their family members are scheduled, overdue balances, and more - right when they call in.

Missed Call Text

Set up automatic custom text replies in case you miss a call.


Digital Forms

Upload and create digital forms for your patients, making their lives easier and reducing the amount you spend on paper.

Appointment Reminders

Remind your patients of upcoming appointments automatically, so you don’t miss out on revenue and they don’t miss out on crucial cleanings.

Patient Favorite

Recall Reminders

Help your patients stay on a schedule that promotes consistent dental health with automatic recall reminders.

Team Chat

Save up to 20 hours per week confirming appointments by letting your patients confirm with just a text.


Give your patients the option to pay in-person via terminal, remotely by text, or with a card on file - so you never miss out on getting paid.

Two-way Texting

Start text conversations with patients that are too busy to answer phone calls. If clients can’t reach your front desk, they’ll automatically receive a missed call text from your office number.

Online Review Management

Make sure your practice gets the love it deserves with automatic and/or manual review requests after each appointment.

Online Scheduling

Keep your schedule full with quick fill lists and manual scheduling, all in one place (you guessed it - Weave.)

Mobile App

View your schedule, request reviews, solicit payments, manage office hours and voicemail, message teammates, and more - all from your mobile device.

Call Analytics

See all your call data including call volume, calls placed, missed calls, and call tracking in one place.

With the ability to do much more on one unified platform, more medical practices are switching to Weave.

[With Weave] our patients communicate with us much more effectively. Prior to Weave, our reminder system was often incorrect (for patients with multiple procedures, our previous technology would send one reminder for the LAST service, meaning patients often showed up after missing most of their appointment.) Weave sends one reminder for the FIRST service, and patients can confirm or cancel directly with Weave. Our scheduling has never been more accurate and manageable.

Cody Spelman avatar photo
Cody Spelman
Accounts Manager, Shephard Chiropractic Clinicon G2

Weave has been critical to managing the office and scheduling patients. I save between 2-3 hours a day confirming appointments, and I’m able to fill more last-minute cancellations.

Maggie Blackwell avatar photo
Maggie Blackwell
Office Manager, Gerlecz Dentistry

Prior to Weave we did not have the schedule confirmation capability that Weave uses. Our daily patient volume makes calling for each patient appointment confirmation nearly impossible. It is so nice to look at the Weave schedule and quickly see if patients have confirmed – especially if they are late to the appointment right before lunch or the end of the day. We have a better chance of knowing if they will be coming (even if they are late) based on their confirmation status.

Audrey Flakoll avatar photo
Audrey Flakoll
Office Manager, Ashcraft Orthodonticson G2
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