What if you found out that filling the holes in your practice’s schedule was as simple as having the right technology in place? What if there was a way for a patient’s most significant information – i.e. patient’s name, family member names, outstanding balances, latest appointment dates, etc. – to be spontaneously delivered to the front desk with a magic prompt whenever the phone rings?

Weave’s Technology Helps You Fill Your Schedule

Here are three technological advances – real features that exist in today’s world – that will help you accomplish just that.

1. A “smart pop-up” containing relevant patient info that automatically appears – whenever the phone rings.

If the front desk has a patient live on the line, there’s no better time to fully maximize the potential of the call. Does your front desk recognize each patient by their phone number or Caller ID? Schedule them immediately for pending treatments? Reactivate a family member? Bond with them over a recent birthday or other event?

Historically, the challenge for most front office teams was that they don’t have a means by which to access this kind of relevant patient information quickly and easily.

Today, new technology developed by Weave seamlessly integrates all of the relevant information from your practice management software, Caller ID and financial systems into a single, seamless interface that automatically pops up on the front desk team member’s screen whenever a patient calls your practice. With these advantages, how much more effective could your team be at setting appointments, tightening recall or collecting on past due balances?

2. Mobile communication systems that untether the doctor & the team from the phone

Modern equipment like a high-speed hand-piece means that a dentist can be more effective and efficient chair-side. A mobile app that enables the doctor to make patient follow-up calls and access the schedule on the go boosts effectiveness as well. And when the front desk can take calls anytime, anywhere, from any smartphone, they can also be more effective and efficient at key tasks like scheduling, recall, collections and answering the phone or returning patient calls after hours. Read more about how Weave’s mobile app is changing the way dentists and their teams more efficiently interact with their patients.

3. Management tools to measure & maximize front desk productivity.

Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Have you thought about how this might apply to your practice? How is the dentist supposed to know how many “shots” the front desk is actually taking? How are you evaluating their wins and losses? Practices that take advantage of VOIP (Voice Over IP) systems from companies like Weave get the most important patient info directly to the front desk team, boosting the effectiveness of front desk tasks like scheduling and collections. What’s more, these solutions can completely plug straight into your existing internet carrier and practice management software – and provide high-level reports and on-demand, secure remote access to the practice schedule and patient information so dentists and office managers can get the most out of the entire team.

Request a Demo and find out more about how you can get your front desk the “magic prompt” that integrates communication technology with front desk efficiency…and watch the holes in your dental practice’s schedule fill up before your very eyes.