Are you struggling to incorporate a daily morning huddle at your dental office? These brief morning meetings can put the entire team on the same page each day, helping your work go more smoothly and improving the patient experience. 

The number one reason morning huddles become a drag is a lack of preparedness. Here, our Weave team provides the perfect dental morning huddle template to streamline your meetings and cover the bases in a short time.

The Importance of a Morning Huddle

While a significant part of huddles is discussing key performance indicators (KPIs), the meetings are also a way for the team to communicate about challenges, achievements, and patients. Tracking the numbers is essential for running a successful dentist office, but so is solidifying a healthy team dynamic. 

An effective morning huddle with full team participation can provide benefits like setting a good mood for the day, encouraging team members to communicate, and promoting the growth of the staff and dental practice. 

Boosts Morale

The person leading the morning huddle, whether the dentist or office manager, can determine the mood for the rest of the day. A positive, high-energy meeting can give your team members a boost that carries them through the day, while a tired, apathetic approach to the huddle can drain their energy. 

The leader of the team meeting has the chance to set the tone for the day, which will translate to what experience the patients have. If the dentist or practice manager expresses passion for helping patients and accomplishing practice goals, it inspires other dental team members to feel the same way.

Improves Communication

Daily morning huddles create dedicated time for the team to communicate, enabling them to build stronger relationships with their coworkers and develop a unique culture within the practice. Better communication leads to team members helping others when they need a hand and solving problems faster or preventing them altogether. 

Reinforces Teamwork

The morning meeting is an opportunity for everyone to reiterate what they bring to the dental office, whether it’s the dental hygienist, administrative staff, or treatment coordinator. Giving each department a chance to share something shows their coworkers what they do every day and reinforces their sense of duty toward their responsibilities.  

If a department or team member expresses concerns over meeting their goals, the entire team can discuss ways to pitch in and help them succeed. A team that supports each other instead of each person looking out solely for themself leads to a more successful dental practice. 

Promotes Growth

A daily huddle creates an atmosphere of learning, allowing current leaders to hone their skills and new leaders to emerge. It gets the entire team involved in the common goal of improving the practice by sharing new ideas and successes and inspiring each other to grow in ways you wouldn’t be able to on your own. 

By examining past performance and setting future objectives, you set your business up for continuous improvement. The morning meetings are the best way to get a read on how your initiatives are going, allowing you to gather feedback and make adjustments when necessary.

Agenda for Your Dental Morning Huddle

A written agenda is essential for staying on topic during your dental morning huddle. However, if you don’t have experience running daily huddles, it can be challenging to create your own template. In this section, we’ll provide some essential topics and advice for an effective meeting agenda. 

It’s important to remember that you should talk about more than just today’s schedule and goals. For accountability and growth, you should briefly discuss the previous day’s performance and your plans for the future. 

Review Yesterday and Prepare for Today

It’s best to start the huddle on a positive note, which could be shout-outs to employees who went above and beyond the day before or congratulating the team on meeting a particular goal. Then, briefly review yesterday’s numbers, such as canceled appointments, open chair time, etc.

You can then move on to preparations for the day, including:

  • Appointments, including confirmation rate
  • Status of lab cases for today’s appointments
  • Potential snags in scheduling to watch out for
  • Production, billing, and scheduling goals for the day
  • Holes in the schedule, and how to fill them

Staying on top of production is vital. If you have downtime during the day, discuss ways to fill that time. Perhaps a hygiene patient needs to see the doctor, or the doctor’s patient could move to hygiene after their scheduled appointment. 

New Patients, Challenges, or Wins

Your morning huddle should commit a few minutes to talk about special cases, such as new patients, challenges, and wins in the office. You and your team members should come prepared with these before the meeting. It could help to ask for these talking points the day before through your office’s team communication software and add them to the morning agenda. 

Below are a few examples of daily talking points that could improve your dental practice’s patient care, productivity, and customer service:

  • Identify new patients so the staff can greet them
  • Discuss why a patient has an unscheduled treatment plan and how to resolve it
  • Brainstorm ways to get a new patient review after every appointment
  • Find out why a lab case was missing on the day of the patient’s appointment
  • Assess the marketing plan and how each staff member can chip in

Marketing is essential for getting new patients and building awareness of your dental practice in the community and online. While marketing isn’t the responsibility of employees like the dental assistant or hygienist, every team member likely has something they can contribute to social media or share with patients. 

Team Building

The morning huddle is a great time for positive interactions that can bring the team closer together. While it might be challenging to fit fun activities into a 10-minute meeting, the following are a few team-building ideas you can incorporate on days when you have time:

  • Have a team member share their favorite quote
  • Make a video of your team’s version of a viral trend (great for social media content!)
  • Come up with a team chant
  • Do a speed quiz with a prize for the winner

Additional Tips for Successful Morning Huddles

Your morning huddle doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s, but it’s good to follow a few common suggestions for making each meeting a success. 


The morning huddle should start at least 20 to 30 minutes before the first patient comes in and last about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Team Members and Accountability

Every team member, including the dental professional, should attend the morning huddle. Team meetings help maintain accountability and prevent miscommunication, helping the dental office run like a well-oiled machine.

Other Recommendations

The following are a few more quick tips for a fruitful, happy morning huddle:

  • Place a sign at the front desk informing patients of a huddle in progress
  • Use a detailed checklist or agenda
  • Stay positive during the meeting
  • Occasionally provide food or drinks (bagels, donuts, coffee, etc.)
  • Meet staff frustration with understanding

Better Communication Leads to a Better Patient Experience

Weave, our all-in-one communication software, enables your team to effortlessly share information, contact patients, manage schedules, and much more. After creating your dental morning huddle template with help from our tips, you can use Weave to send a team-wide message with the agenda, ensuring that everyone comes prepared the next day.

Our Weave software has helped dental practices prioritize patient experience, resulting in simplified payments and quadrupled positive reviews. Contact us at 833-479-0223 or get the demo today to see how Weave could help your business grow.