Text to Pay

Speed Up Time To Payment with Text to Pay

Weave’s Text to Pay feature helps you collect outstanding balances quickly and easily.

Instead of chasing clients to pay their bills, simply send their invoice directly via text with a personalized message.

Patients can pay their bills from any device instantly using the convenient payment link.

Built with features to support HIPAA compliance, for medical customers!

Give your clients the convenience of securely paying their bill directly from their preferred device.

Speed Up Time To Payment with Text-To-Pay
What You Will Love About Text Payments

What You Will Love About Text Payments

  • Easily access the Text to Pay feature from your Weave dashboard or any client’s profile
  • Quickly create a new payment request or send a reminder to generate a secure payment link
  • Use our message templates and shortcodes to send personalized payment requests
  • Clients can instantly pay their outstanding bill from any device
  • If you have the client’s billing details, you can also process their payment for them with the click of a button.
  • Easily manage your billing profiles by viewing and filtering payment history right in your Weave dashboard.

Collect more payments

With Weave’s Text to Pay Payments dashboard, you can quickly see which bills are outstanding, which have been paid, which have been refunded, and which need to be recorded. Now you can view and manage any customer’s billing history — all from one place.

Collect more payments

With the ability to do much more on one unified platform, more small businesses and healthcare practices are switching to Weave.

leadership image

Josh Twiss

Iron Horse Pediatric Dentistry
This makes it so smooth and easy for the parents who are always on the go and have multiple appointment times. They can check their appointment times and change appointments quickly, which they almost never do if they have to make a phone call. This gets people to communicate with us.
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Todd Snyder

The fact that I can instantly text every one of my patients and get them to come in for an appointment, or set up a new appointment, or let them know of a change – it’s amazing! Even just using the birthday reminders to contact them with a nice message makes a big difference.
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Advantages of Text-to-Pay

Get paid today!

Text-to-Pay allows you to collect same-day payments. You can create a payment request, send a reminder text, or process a payment instantly from your main Weave dashboard or the patient’s profile.

Customizable payment pages

Customize the customer invoice or payment page with your billing information, company name, and logo.

Easy, quick, and convenient for your clients

Text-to-Pay is simple to set up and easy to use for both you and your clients. Patients pay when and where they want through a secure and convenient payment link. They can instantly make payments from any device, or allow you to process payments for them with the click of a button.

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate your office from others by offering a modern way for your patients to pay their bill. This shows that your office is considerate of their time and preferences. It also lets them simplify their life since they can pay when and how they prefer!

Friendly billing with a human touch

Personalize messages to clients without the hassle. Use our pre-filled message templates and shortcodes to quickly personalize your texts and payment requests

Simple billing management

Filter payment profiles so you can quickly see which bills are outstanding. You can view and manage any client’s billing history right from your Weave dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of payments can we collect through Text-to-Pay?

Use Text-To-Pay for those times when your patients…

a. Have an outstanding balance.
b. Aren’t responding to your mailed invoices or billing phone calls.
c. Need to pay you more because insurance coverage has been adjusted or declined.
d. Forget their wallet, credit card, checks, or HSA/FSA card at home.
e. Are nearing the time for you to send them to collections.
f. Cancel an appointment too late or are a no-show.
g. Want to buy a product and pay for it before picking up.
h. Have a card on file for a recurring payment that is declined, expired, or lost.
i. Want to instantly pay their bill.
j. And more!

2. Are There Any Fees?

As a Weave feature, Text-To-Pay is free. It is offered as part of the base Weave feature offering and is NOT a premium feature.

There are no monthly fees or costs, just the Stripe credit card (CC) transaction cost.

This credit card processing cost is charged by Stripe payment processing and is on par with industry ‘card not present’ transactions.

Since traditional invoicing requires printing, envelopes, stamps, and employee time, it often costs about $12-$30 per invoice. So you’re keeping more money from every bill you collect.

3. When are payments deposited?

Unlike traditional invoicing, which sometimes takes 25-30 days, with Text-to-Pay, you can process same-day payments.

Stripe is the payment processor that handles the backend of credit card processing for Text-To-Pay. It can deposit your payments into the bank account daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preferences.

You can set your preferences to notify you, your patients, or both parties as soon as a payment is received.

4. How Does Text-To-Pay handle refunds?

You can easily issue refunds directly through the Stripe dashboard that connects to your Weave account.

5. How Do I Manage and Track My Client’s Billing Profiles?

You can view the payments requested through your Text-to-Pay app in your Admin Portal, from the Weave Desktop app, or from the client’s profile itself.

View invoices, billing dates, customer information, payment history, account status, and more.