Weave’s customer usage gives insight into trends and next steps for small or medium business reopenings  


LEHI, UTAH, April 30, 2020 — Weave, the complete business toolbox and one of the fastest-growing companies in tech, today announced a complete reboot and new products to aid as businesses restart operations under the “new normal” by leveraging its proprietary data to analyze trends. 


Offices’ scheduled production for this week has increased 5X from last week, indicating businesses are starting to open their doors. Notably, over 77% of Weave users are operating their businesses remotely with the software’s mobile app, logging in over 130 times per location, per month. Additionally, over 182,000 texts sent just last week, 15,000 of which were sent through Weave’s schedule messaging template, provide insight into how offices are scaling quickly to get critical information to customers in the most effective delivery possible. An over 45% increase in mobile usage shows the need for remote solutions for businesses as employees work from home now and to provide the opportunity to do so post stay-at-home orders.


As states begin lifting virus lockdown orders, careful attention to detail in communication processes is imperative in the balance of public health and a damaged economy. With a surge in the trend toward digital options, Weave’s new products and product updates have been primed for their customers as they reopen their businesses. 


“Reopening will be different for everyone,” said Jeff Lyman, Chief Product Officer at Weave. “That’s why we’ve designed business recovery kits which enable our users and their customers to stay safe as they reopen their businesses. Many of our clients are dentists, who recently were recommended to reopen as essential businesses by the American Dental Association. Providing them with new check-in procedures, Text-to-Pay options, Wellness Screening Forms, Email Marketing abilities, and more, gives them the tools to recoup and continue to grow their business–and that’s how we’re going to start to get our economy back on track. For all small and medium businesses, our data confirms that what businesses need right now are tools to interact, where possible, from a safe distance with their customers to grow their business. Weave enables them to do so while maintaining proper government-issued precautions.” 


Weave’s Back to Business initiative includes an essential checklist for slowly and safely reopening, along with guides in filling schedules while businesses are recovering. Additionally, the initiative will promote channels to communicate with customers during and after a crisis and management tools to identify areas of opportunities to grow a business in a shifting economic landscape.


To learn more about Weave’s initiative, and Weave Lite for SMBs, go to www.getweave.com

About Weave
Weave is the complete business toolbox for service-based businesses. From the first phone call to the final invoice, Weave provides personalized, relevant, and effective solutions for the entire customer journey. Weave’s unique integration of hardware and software solutions help streamline and simplify business growth, retention, and communication. Weave is backed by A. Capital Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Catalyst Investors, Crosslink Capital, Lead Edge Capital, Pelion Venture Partners, and Tiger Global Management. To learn more, visit www.getweave.com/newsroom/.


This article was originally published by PRNewswire, April 30, 2020.