Smart Pop-up Notifications

Weave’s Smart Pop-up Notifications make every patient call smarter. Smart Notifications give you access to what you need to know and what you need to do the moment the phone rings. This makes it easy for the front office team to efficiently complete tasks, find opportunities and schedule patients.

How SmartPOP Works

Long time patient Lisa calls into the office to schedule an appointment for a checkup.

Smart Pop-up Notifications grabs all of Lisa’s relevant information and tasks from your patient management system/EHR. Your team sees that one of Lisa’s children, Tammy, is three months overdue for an appointment, and Dan has an appointment coming up you can remind him of.

You also see that Lisa has an outstanding balance of $87.00

With the help of Smart Pop-up Notifications, rather than simply getting one appointment you managed to get that bill paid, schedule an extra appointment and get a live reminder done all in ONE CALL.

Smart Pop-up Notifications delivers useful patient information and tasks an average 90 times per day. Imagine all the opportunities waiting for you!

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