Healthcare is always changing, and as technology becomes a larger part of how providers care for patients, there’s a growing focus on putting people first, not just profits. Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani, a seasoned dentist and a visionary practice owner from Ottawa, embodies this philosophy. With over two decades of experience and the stewardship of multiple practice locations, Dr. Yazdani’s insights during an episode of the Happy Practice, offers profound lessons on the harmony between technological advancement and human-centric service.

The Core Belief: People Before Profit

At the heart of Dr. Yazdani’s approach is a deep-seated belief in serving people – encompassing team members, patients, and the community. He shares that prioritizing service over immediate financial gains not only fosters a positive culture within the organization, but also leads to greater profitability in the long run. “It’s kind of a belief that I have…that when we focus on serving people, what will actually happen is that in the long run, you will actually be more successful,” Dr. Yazdani explains, highlighting the intrinsic value of placing people at the forefront of business operations.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Patient Experience

Dr. Yazdani shares how embracing front-office technology, particularly automated scheduling and confirmation systems, significantly improves patient convenience and adherence to appointments. Additionally, advancements in treating specific conditions highlight how technology is extending the capabilities of healthcare beyond traditional limits, providing more comprehensive solutions.

Dr. Yazdani also advises on adopting new technologies, stressing the importance of evaluating the tangible benefits and return on investment. “Unless I can get a return, a significant return on the investment, I’m not going down that path,” he asserts, advocating for a balanced approach that aligns technological adoption with the practice’s core mission and patient needs.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence and Kindness

Central to the ethos of Dr. Yazdani’s practice is the cultivation of a workplace culture that champions excellence, kindness, and trust. By aligning recruitment and team development with these core values, the practice not only ensures high standards of care but also fosters a supportive and positive environment for both staff and patients. “It all kind of ties together, the people of profits contribute to the culture, which contributes to the patient experience,” Dr. Yazdani reflects, emphasizing the interconnectedness of these elements in achieving practice success.

Advice for Embracing the People-Over-Profit Model

For those intrigued by the concept of prioritizing people over profit, Dr. Yazdani recommends starting with a clear vision and core values that focus on impact beyond financial success. He underscores the importance of continuous learning and openness to new ideas as critical factors in navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with implementing this model. “Have the humility to recognize that there are people out there with skill sets and knowledge that I could learn from,” Dr. Yazdani advises, highlighting the transformative potential of adopting a growth mindset.

Conclusion: A Path to Sustainable Success

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani’s journey and philosophy offer a compelling narrative on the relationship between technological innovation, patient-centered care, and the overarching principle of people over profit. Our conversation with Dr. Yazdani shines a light on how practitioners can create thriving businesses that do more than just succeed financially—they make a real, lasting difference in their communities and positively affect the lives of their patients.

Inspired by Dr. Yazdani’s approach? Check out the full video of this episode below. Witness the transformative power of putting people first as you engage with these ideas and incorporate them into your practice. 


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