A text message is one of the staple features of a mobile phone, and it has been that way for a couple of decades now. What can you do if you ever misplace your phone and you think there’s no other way to send the important message you have in mind?

How Do I Send a Text Message From My Computer?

Whether you left your phone at home or simply lost it along the way, it is nice to know that there are options you can turn to send and receive text messages.

We can do this stuff using a computer and a reliable internet connection. Are you interested to know? Here are some of the ways you can send text messages from a computer.

How to Send Text Using Email

Many people think that text messages – also known as short message service (SMS)- are only available through a mobile phone. Yet, there’s a clever way to send a text message using your email, and it is easier than you think. You only need a couple of things to pull off this trick: the recipient’s number and mobile service provider.

The choice of device is not relevant for sending text messages using your email. You can do this with a Mac or a PC. Browser selection also plays no significant role in doing this. Access your email using any web browsers (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and any other browsers available), and compose your text message. Once you’re done with your message, type in the recipient’s phone number, excluding the country code, and add the SMS gateway specific to the recipient’s mobile service provider.

You might be wondering what SMS gateway means. To give you a simpler explanation, a gateway is the part of an email address after the “@” symbol. It is mainly known as a domain name linked to an email service provider, but in this case, it is associated with a mobile service carrier. Using this gateway allows users to send and receive texts and other forms of SMS messages. There’s also a specific gateway for MMS messages as well.

Top wireless carriers have their specific carrier domains to handle select messages, such as basic short message and multimedia messaging services. Verizon users can utilize @vtext.com as their SMS gateway, T-Mobile uses @tmomail.net, while AT&T offers @txt.att.net to their subscribers so they can send basic text messaging using their email. Here’s a couple of wireless carrier domain of some of the most popular providers in the US. You can also visit your wireless carrier’s website to know if they support SMS gateway messaging.

AT&T –  @txt.att.net

Verizon –  @vtext.com

T-Mobile –  @tmomail.net

Sprint –  @messaging.sprintpcs.com

Alltel –  @text.wireless.alltel.com

Virgin Mobile –  @vmobl.com

Boost Mobile – @sms.myboostmobile.com

US Cellular – @email.uscc.net

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How to Send Text Using iMessage in a Mac

Apple device has their own system for handling texts across their platforms. Mac users can utilize Apple’s iMessage app to send basic one-on-one or group text messages without using any fancy tools. However, there are a couple of details to keep in mind to use this kind of service. For your Mac, your computer should be at least be running on OS X Yosemite or later. Your mobile device should also be an iPhone as well, which you’ll have to connect within the same WiFi network as your Mac.

On your Mac, look for the iMessage app in your Applications folder or by accessing the Command + Space Bar function on your keyboard. Once the search bar appears, type iMessage and the application should show up as one of the options on the screen.

Just a quick reminder. If you haven’t configured your iMessage settings yet, you should be directed to the setup process. Just follow the simple prompts, and it should guide you smoothly through the steps.

Look for the Messages tab in the top-left corner of your Apple Menu Bar and load up the Preferences screen. Click the iMessage tab and sign in with your Apple ID credentials. It is important to tick the box that says “Enable this account,” and the Apple ID should be the same across your Mac and your iPhone. Once you set your Mac and Apple device with the same Apple ID, you should be able to unlock new features such as sending messages from your Mac to your mobile phone. However, you need to make sure your mobile devices are correctly set up to text from a computer.

On your iPhone, look for the Settings icon, then search for Messages. Make sure to toggle on the iMessage function on your iPhone. Then, turn on the option for Text Message Forwarding and pick your Mac on the list. This ensures your cellphone forwards all necessary text messages from your Apple devices to your Mac computer.

Text Messaging Using Android Messages

A lot of people may not know this, but Android smartphone users have the option to send text messages from their laptop or desktop computer to their android cell phone using a web app called Android Messages.

Android users usually set Android Messages as their primary text messaging phone app. While it acts as a regular messaging application to send messages, it also sports more advanced features that allow its users to send pictures similar to a multimedia messaging service. Aside from that, the application supports QR code scans, computer texting, and access to your phone’s camera that lets you send short clips of video messages.

Above all, the web version and the desktop application provide you with many valuable features that wouldn’t be possible in the past couple of years. In fact, the recent versions of the app bridge your computer and your android device deliver more than just SMS and MMS messages. It is one of the best ways to monitor text from your computer.

To link your mobile device to your computer, make sure to set Android Messages as your default messaging app. On your computer’s browser, visit messages.google.com. From there, you can pair your devices that allow your computer to be an extension of your mobile phone. This is usually done with a quick QR code scan from your computer to your Android phone. If successfully done, your computer will now become your phone companion and has the capacity to send messages and receive SMS to and from multiple recipients. Now, simply add the recipient’s phone number as a test, and you should be all set.

How to Recieve Messages and Send Text from a Computer Using Your Phone App in Windows 10

If you haven’t configured your Windows 10 Your Phone app, then you might be missing out on some key features you’ll enjoy outside your regular SMS and MMS services. Newer devices, such as Microsoft Surface devices and select Samsung phones, support RCS messaging functionalities.

Android phone users can also take full advantage of the Your Phone app in Windows 10 with the help of the Your Phone Companion app. This application allows the user to access pictures, send a text message, and access phone numbers through their mobile phones.

To send text messages from your PC using Your Phone app, look for New Messages and start a new conversation. Type in the phone number or the contact’s name and create your discussion.

How to Send Texts and Receive Messages Using Google Voice

With the rise of cloud-based phone systems, there’s no denying that Google Voice is one of the premier contenders when it comes to practicality and utility.

Google Voice provides not only the ability to send text from a computer but assign a google voice number associated with your account. The application offers free SMS service to any US and Canadian phone number, as well as voiced and multimedia messages. However, Google recently changed some of its policies, and in the future, don’t be surprised if notifications pop up on your screen saying that certain charges now apply to a certain feature. That may also be the reason why most Google Voice users look for options from third-party messaging companies.

Some even go the extra mile and look deep into the internet to find if there are any free SMS website out there. However, a lot of people opposed the idea because of the potential risks involved when sending unsecured messages from the internet.

To set up your Google Voice account, visit voice.google.com and choose how you plan to use the service and the device you want to associate it with. It’s a straightforward process, and its simplicity makes it one of the best alternatives available in the market.

How to Send Multiple Text Messages Using A Business Text Messaging Service

Business text messaging service is a good tool for small business owners looking to manage their communication with their customers effectively. Entrepreneurs also use these applications as one of their primary marketing tools thru SMS. With that in mind, you can’t deny the importance of using the system for any growing business models.

With the help of modern innovation to technology, business text messaging services now offers a wide array of features. That includes the capability of handling text messages and integrating essential functions such as schedule booking, sending payment portals, and integrating maps.

There are many options out there available in the market, but only a few can deliver quality and consistent service for their partners. If you’re looking for a good business solution tailor-fit for small business owners, then Weave might be the best option for you.

Closing Words

Technology plays a significant role in advancing communications in our everyday lives. Things that weren’t possible a few decades ago can now be achieved with just one tap of your finger. With this information at hand, you’ll now never have to worry about missing a reply. Watch a demo to see how to take ongoing customer conversations from the office computer to your mobile app.