As an aesthetic clinic or medical spa owner, you’re probably no stranger to long days packed with hard work. But what if you could make your workday a little bit easier? With the help of integrated aesthetics software, you can do just that.

With so much practice management software out there, how can your medical spa choose the right one? Below, we’ll tell you all about the perks of clinic management software for medical spas and teach you what to look for when choosing aesthetics software for your business.

Benefits of Using Aesthetic Clinic Software

Wondering how your practice can benefit from medical spa software? For starters, how would you like to save your staff 15+ hours of work per week? Just imagine what your plastic surgeon and customer support team could do with all that extra time.

Efficiency and Productivity: There’s a good chance your staff spends too much time dealing with appointment reminders, electronic health records, inventory management, and other administrative tasks. Medical spa software takes some of those tasks off your team’s plate, allowing them to work more efficiently and productively.

Better Patient Care: When clients come to your clinic, you want to give them a great experience. Aesthetic practice software allows your staff to keep patient records, such as a patient’s electronic health record, in one easily accessible place. Instead of digging for each patient record, your staff can find the data they need in seconds, giving them more time to spend with clients. They’ll be able to visit with more clients per day, too, and more clients mean more profit for your office. When your staff is less stressed, they’re better equipped to provide an excellent client experience and an effective treatment plan for patients.

Improved Compliance: If you’re concerned about patient data privacy, you need a HIPAA-compliant system that stores medical records safely and securely. Medical spa software complies with HIPAA regulations and meets federal security standards. It also includes ICD-10 and ICD-11 code implementation to help your team code every plastic surgery procedure and injectable treatment properly.

Reduced Costs: Looking for ways to cut down on staffing costs? Let clients handle their own appointment scheduling with aesthetics software! Thanks to an online booking feature, patients can book an appointment with your office whenever it’s convenient for them. No more scheduling appointments during business hours only! Your busy patients will love you for it.

Online Review Management: Did you know that 72% of people read online reviews before choosing a new healthcare provider? Even if you’re well aware of the importance of online reviews for your office, getting clients to review your salon can be a big challenge. Your med spa management software should include an online review request feature that allows you to send review requests straight to your clients’ phones. Plus, you can easily monitor your reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms. If you get a bad review, you’ll be prepared to respond quickly.

Patient Engagement: A missed call could be a missed opportunity to connect with new clients. The best aesthetics practice software allows you to automatically respond to missed calls via text message. When clients call, your front desk staff can see everything they need to know about them at a glance. Your staff can view details such as upcoming appointments and outstanding balances for every patient.

Save a Tree: Concerned about your practice’s carbon footprint? Cut out paper clutter with electronic medical forms! Your patients can fill out medical history, consent forms, and intake forms digitally from your office or their own home. You can even scan insurance cards and keep copies for your electronic records.

Retain Staff: Happy employees are loyal employees! Telemedicine software cuts the administrative burden on your medical spa staff, potentially saving them over 15 hours a week.

Want to know more about how med spa software can help? Check out our Med Spa Industry Outlook e-book or our Med Spa Business Insights Webinar.

Types of Aesthetics Clinic Software

Which type of medical spa software is right for your aesthetic practice? If you’d like to stay on top of patient records and your administrative to-do list, you can’t go wrong with practice management software. You may also want to consider patient scheduling software with an online booking tool for appointments.

When you choose a med spa software that includes a contactless text payments function, clients can pay their bills right from their phone. You can also send automated payment requests for outstanding balances.

Aesthetics customer relationship management (CRM) software allows your practice to automate marketing processes, track patient interactions, and centralize patient data. It comes with features like sales tracking, contact management, and analytics.

How Weave Combines and Integrates With All Your Practice Software

Does your office already use medical billing service or client management software? No problem! Weave for med spas seamlessly integrates with your existing software. You can combine electronic med forms and online scheduling for patients with team chat and digital faxes for your staff to unify all your software in one easy-to-use platform.

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How To Choose the Right Aesthetics Clinic Software

The right software for med spas depends on your practice’s needs. Here’s how to choose the best software for your clinic.

Check Out Features and Pricing

You don’t need to spend a fortune on different software packages when you can choose an application that does it all. Look for features such as:

  • Payment processing
  • Online scheduling
  • Electronic patient record management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Online review management
  • Call pop-up profiles
  • Loyalty programs
  • Team chat

The best aesthetics practice software offers a variety of plans and pricing tiers with different features for each, allowing your clinic to pick and choose what it needs. If you just want the basics, for instance, you can go with Weave’s Essentials plan. If you want it all, the Elite plan comes with digital forms, online scheduling, reviews management, and up to 3,000 bulk text messages per month.

Compliance and HIPAA

Choose aesthetics practice software from a company that promises to keep your patient’s data secure. Weave’s software for med spas enables your practice to remain HIPAA compliant when communicating with your patients.

Read Reviews

Before committing to any software, read reviews from other med spas. What do other aesthetic practices like and not like about the software? Make a list of pros and cons to help you decide if the software is right for you.

Most software companies will highlight their best reviews on their own website, but you can also see user reviews of practice software on third-party sites like G2.

Get a Demo

With a demo, your team can see how the software works to learn if it’s right for you before buying. Book a demo for Weave today! There’s no long-term commitment, and we’re confident you’ll love our all-in-one aesthetics software.