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92% of all consumers now use online reviews

That's worth repeating. 92% of all consumers now use online reviews.

Take an easy proactive approach to building your online reputation. Weave Reviews post on Google, Facebook, and industry review sites like Healthgrades. If there is a negative review, you'll receive notification so you can follow-up to help that patient.

How Reviews affect Potential Customers

Reviews are changing the way customers shop and how they choose services. Weave Reviews can instill more trust in current and potential patients leading to an even stronger practice.

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  • 79% of customers trust online reviews AS MUCH AS they trust a personal recommendation.
  • 73% of customers say online reviews make them trust a business more.

How Weave Reviews Work

Build and maintain your online reputation with great reviews.


With Weave Reviews you can:

  • Collect 100s of reviews, utilizing text messaging, customer's smart phones, and familiar/popular applications.
  • Sort, filter, see, and respond to any and every review that your business collects.
  • Gain transparency in business practices and quickly find efficiencies that can improve communication.
  • Attract new customers with a stronger online presence.
  • Appeal to current and new customers with a stellar review portfolio, high ratings, and brand trust.
  • Improve customer service and operational efficiencies using the feedback reviews delivers.
  • Review Software: What Is It Exactly?

    Review software, also known as a reputation management system, is basically any program that allows you to manage your online reputation. Brands, businesses, and organizations often use this to understand their customers better and promote themselves online. Most Weave users concentrate their efforts on Google reviews because they have found them to have the biggest impact.

    Depending on the software provider, these programs can offer different features and functionalities. Generally, review software should allow you to:

    • Monitor your online reputation, brand mentions on the internet, and ratings on the major review sites
    • Facilitate a way to easily collect reviews from your customers at different points in the customer journey
    • Manage your brand reputation by responding to reviews and reporting fake/slanderous comments
    • Gain insight on the progress of your reputation management efforts through various analytics and reports

    Using review software can help you control and influence the online public perception of your brand.

    It is not a replacement for a larger online reputation management strategy; however, it can be an incredibly helpful tool in your brand management arsenal.

  • What Benefits Does Weave’s Software Have Over Sending Requests Manually?

    Weave makes gathering business reviews easier with Auto-Reviews. With this feature, you can easily build your online reputation on Facebook and Google by inviting patients to review your practice on an individual basis, or set up automated invites. Reviews are paramount to the success of businesses. Many consumers look at reviews to help them decide where they’ll ultimately choose to go, so having a full breadth of reviews gives your office a great advantage.

  • How Valuable are Customer Reviews to a Business?

    Reviews are a vital part of any business, but especially for a service-oriented business like dental practices, medical clinics, hospitals, and other small businesses.

    But this does open up a terrifying possibility for many business owners: a negative review.

    If customers can leave a bad review, won’t that impact sales? And why is it important to use review software, instead of doing it on your own?

    Here are some of the benefits of reviews and using a review management system.

    Reviews Build Trust With Customers

    9 out of 10 customers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

    88% of people trust online reviews as much as they do a recommendation from someone they know.

    What do these statistics tell you?

    Reviews are a great way to build trust with potential customers. It acts as proof of your products’ quality or the level of your service. Having (good) reviews shows that you’re a legitimate and credible business. After all, if other people are willing to trust you, why shouldn’t they?

    And you don’t even need perfect 5-star reviews every time to build trust. In fact, having a few negative reviews shows that you value transparency, authenticity, and integrity more than having a flawless reputation. That kind of vulnerability (and willingness to listen to criticism) is very attractive to new customers.

    Review Software Is Convenient & Efficient

    Reviews can come from virtually anywhere on the internet—Facebook, Google, and Yelp are just a few out of hundreds of different review sites and aggregators. It’s an impossible task to stay on top of your reviews manually, especially if you’re looking at potentially dozens of sites on a weekly basis.

    With review software, you can view all of your customer reviews in one place. No more manually searching and logging into your different accounts.

    Review software also makes it incredibly easy to collect reviews from your customers. You’ll be able to send texts or emails after they’ve made a purchase, and you can follow up with old customers to leave reviews.

    You’ll also get notifications each time someone leaves a review, which comes in handy when there’s negative feedback you need to immediately reply to. You don’t have to worry about a bad review sitting on your page, going unresponded for days or weeks, just because you didn’t see it.

    Positive Reviews Help Boost Business & Sales

    Customers are more likely to choose a business that has a lot of positive reviews. In fact, almost 70% of purchasing decisions are influenced by reviews.

    A higher rating helps you establish a strong online presence and promote your business. A 4 or 5-star rating with thousands of happy customers is amazing exposure and allows you to convert potential customers into loyal clients.

    If you don’t allow reviews, or if you don’t have a good review software to help you handle online reviews in the right way, you’re missing out on the free publicity that positive reviews can give you.

    You don’t need a big marketing budget to promote your products or services, your customers can do that for you.

    Reviews Help Businesses Improve

    Many businesses fear negative reviews because of the potential impact on their reputation and sales.

    This fear is valid, especially because many businesses—big and small—have seen their numbers tank after multiple scathing reviews.

    So it makes sense that negative reviews make you nervous. But reviews don’t always have to be destructive, they can actually help you turn a bad situation around and make it better.

    Reviews aren’t only valuable when they’re positive. Negative feedback gives you an opportunity to learn what your customers want and how to make your business better cater to their needs.

    Review software notifies you of reviews the moment they’re posted. This lets you spot issues before they blow up and address them quickly, improving your customer service and creating more satisfied customers.

    Reviews Help Build Visibility With SEO

    One good SEO (search engine optimization) practice is collecting reviews. Google’s algorithm prioritizes businesses that provide a lot of value to their customers and are authentic, so they tend to like brands that have a lot of positive reviews.

    So what does this mean for your business?

    The more reviews you collect, the higher you will rank for relevant search terms, the more people will find you when they’re seeking out your goods/services.

    And with 92% of search traffic going to the first page of search engine results (⅓ of which goes to the #1 spot), we can’t overstate the importance of good SEO.

  • What Aspects Should I Consider When Choosing the Best Review Software?

    Review Platforms

    In 2019, you pretty much have two options for software: on-premise or cloud-based. On-premise platforms have a much longer history, and there are some advantages to choosing this option.

    However, we believe that the future of business and project management really lies in cloud-based systems. You’ll have access to your software anytime, anywhere—even if you’re away from your work desk, and even if your computer breaks down. You also don’t have to fear losing precious, irreplaceable data if your equipment fails.

    Plus, there’s no need to worry about maintaining onsite hardware, purchasing unnecessary bulky equipment, or staff IT professionals because everything is housed on the software’s server. This and the lower overhead costs allows the software to be accessible like never before to businesses of all sizes.

    Another benefit of cloud-based software is that changes or updates to the system are automatically bundled into your plan. New features and functionalities can be implemented the moment they’re rolled out, so there’s no downtime when you’re upgrading software.

    Review Software Versatility & Flexibility

    Some review management programs are simply just that—a review management program. You can collect, manage, and respond to reviews… but that’s all you can do.

    Other programs offer all-in-one solutions bundled with reputation management so that you can handle every aspect of your business and customer service operations with just one software.

    Weave, for example, is a powerful patient management system with a review feature, but you can also automate appointment confirmations/reminders, communicate with your staff, measure your team’s performance, and streamline your operations—giving you the ability to provide exceptional customer experience from start to finish.

    Review software can offer you a better way to do reviews, but sometimes you need more. Instead of getting 2-3 separate sets of software, consider one that packages everything you need in one, simple program.

    Integration With Your Existing Systems

    As a business, you may already be using other software such as an HR database, email server, work productivity apps, or a customer relationship management (CRM) program. Even the most souped-up review software won’t be able to replace all of the software that’s crucial to running your business.

    If you want to keep using these programs, you’ll need to find a review software that is compatible and can integrate seamlessly with the programs you currently have. That way, data can flow from one program to the other with ease, and you don’t waste time trying to sync information.

    Quality MATTERS When It Comes To Review Software

    Whether you’re a mom-n-pop shop or a multimillion-dollar business, cost matters. In fact, price is the defining factor for most businesses when it comes to purchasing review software.

    Review software can range from free to hundreds of dollars a month, depending on your provider and the plan that you choose. Even though they’re obviously the most affordable option, be wary of free reputation management services. You might not get all the functionality you need to effectively manage your reviews.

    Think of review management as an investment instead of an expense, and be ready to spend a little to reap a lot of benefits.

    However, that doesn’t mean you need the most expensive software or plan. Most review software providers offer competitive packages on a monthly or yearly basis.

    Talk to different providers and compare quotes to get the most bang out of your back. Some are more than willing to schedule a free demo or provide free trials so that you can experience the product for yourself before signing up.

    Take advantage of these offers to find the most cost-effective review software for you.

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