As was stated in our last post, in not too uncertain terms, the phone is a practice’s most lucrative ‘tool’ And, if paired with the right technology, there is so much more your front office staff can do to drive more revenue generating opportunities. Here’s a list of five additional ways that you could make more with what you already have.

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Best Revenue-Generating Opportunities

1. Have real-time information available while on the phone

Many times, the patient information you need is inaccessible at the times when it is most beneficial to you. Weave addresses this issue to improve your dental practice’s efficiency, here is how: When a patient calls to schedule an appointment or ask a question about his or her account, the last thing you want to do it put them on hold. Having their information readily available saves time for both you and your patients. With the right software, dental professionals can have all a patient’s relevant information directly in front at the ring of the phone.


2. Have all a patient’s family members recorded

Having an easily accessible record of your patient’s family members allows for a quick verification of identification. Having this information immediately available is especially helpful when treating a child or an elderly individual being cared for by another. In addition to the benefit for treatments, being able to pull this information quickly while on the phone makes it possible to see who has and hasn’t been scheduled in a family when one member of the family the practice. This allows the practice to schedule more appointments that potentially would have been missed had the family members not been recorded.

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Weave's Smart Technology Helps Do More with Less Effort

Lighting struck our practice, we lost power and breaker boxes. In all my years in medicine I had never experienced anything like this. Thankfully Weave took a lot of weight off my shoulders. In seconds, I was able to send our phone lines to my cell through the Weave app & answer client calls. ~Angel | Weave Customer

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3. Send appointment reminders via text

Reduce the number of missed appointments by texting your patients 48 hours before their scheduled appointment. There are many solutions out there that can automatically texts your patients to remind them about their upcoming appointment but what about one allows for them to respond both to say yes, no or ‘can I reschedule?’ If a patient needs to reschedule, it’s hugely beneficial if they can easily send a text back to cancel the existing appointment. Give us a call today to learn about Weave’s appointment reminder software.


4. Offer referral discounts

Patient referrals are the most cost-effective way to expand your dental practice. For this reason, you need to continuously build strong relationships with your patients. Although this task takes time, it is essential. The majority of your most influential patients will not provide you with a referral until they trust you implicitly. You can generate more referrals by creating a referral discount program.


5. Appointment follow-up

With an expanding practice, personally contacting each patient following a visit may be impossible; however, once your practice is running efficiently, staff members will have the time they need to follow-up with your patients. If you follow up with your patients, you show them that you care. This is one of the most important elements in building a strong relationship, and what better way to do that than with a personalized text.

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