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Missed Call Text

Why Missed Call Texting is a Must Have for Business

Only 20% of people leave voicemails.

Which means you may never speak to the other 80% of missed calls.

Voicemails aren’t enough anymore!

Instead, automatically send a text message to any customer who gets sent to voicemail.

If a customer wants to book a new appointment, reschedule, or ask a question, they can respond to your missed call text instead of leaving a voicemail–and eliminate back-and-forth phone tag.

That’s why missed call texts are more convenient for both your office staff and your customers.

Plus, you can customize your message based on when you’re open or closed. You’ll never miss a new appointment booking and your customers will always be taken care of.

Why Missed Call Texting is a Must Have for Business
Setting up missed call texts is simple

Setting up missed call texts is simple.

In your Settings, you can customize your message for when you’re open and when you’re closed.

Simply toggle the Open and Closed messages on to automatically send them to every missed call.


With the ability to do much more on one unified platform, more small businesses and healthcare practices are switching to Weave.

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Josh Twiss

Iron Horse Pediatric Dentistry
This makes it so smooth and easy for the parents who are always on the go and have multiple appointment times. They can check their appointment times and change appointments quickly, which they almost never do if they have to make a phone call. This gets people to communicate with us.
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Todd Snyder

The fact that I can instantly text every one of my patients and get them to come in for an appointment, or set up a new appointment, or let them know of a change – it’s amazing! Even just using the birthday reminders to contact them with a nice message makes a big difference.
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Here’s What You’ll Love About Missed Call Texts

Sends from your office number

They’ll recognize the number texting them instead of a robot number, increasing their likelihood of reading and texting back.

Works 24/7

You don’t have to hire more staff to serve more customers. Missed call texts works for you without extra headcount and even works after hours. Your customers are taken care of even when you’re closed.

Automatic and convenient for your staff

Your receptionist can now handle serving more than one customer at a time without putting anyone on hold. Everyone wins!

Custom, friendly automated messages

Automated texts don’t have to be robotic. Deliver warm and welcoming service to your customers by customizing your missed call text messages.

Convenient for your customers

Your customers are texting more often than they’re answering their phones. Answer their questions or schedule an appointment for them via texting.

Why Missed Call Texting is a Vital Tool for Your Business

The following statistic might come as a shock.

62% of phone calls placed to small businesses go unanswered.

At first glance, this number might seem unreasonably high. After all, you’re not ignoring the phone when it rings, and you almost always have someone answering calls, even during the lunch hour.

But, it makes sense if you stop to think about it. This figure takes into account calls placed outside of your office hours. If your office opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm, you’re likely getting at least a few phone calls right before you open and immediately after you close.

Another possibility is that someone gets directed to voicemail because you’re on the other line and can’t get to a call.

Even if you do miss a call, you can still communicate with your customers and prospects in real-time. The solution is known as “missed call texting.” Implementing this strategy is vital for your business because it will help you win more clients while also increasing customer satisfaction.

What Is Missed Call Texting?

The concept is relatively straightforward. If someone phones your business and you don’t answer, the caller automatically and immediately receives a text from your office. You can customize the message to provide a greeting, instructions, and next steps.

As a result, you turn missed calls into opportunities.

You’re free to create any message you’d like, but if you’re not sure where to start, here’s a basic example:

“We are sorry we missed your call. You can text us back for any questions or schedule an appointment.”

Consequences of Missed Phone Calls

We tend to think of all modern communication as digital, but the truth is that 80% of business conversations still take place over the phone. When you miss a call, not only are you missing out on potential revenue, but you’re providing a subpar customer experience.

Here’s what happens when you miss calls:

Lost Prospects: Someone who was interested in doing business with you might move to the next name on the list. If you’re a dentist with an average lifetime customer value of $3,000, those missed calls add up to a lot of money!

Wasted Advertising Dollars: Do you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Google. If your ad has a call to action of “Click to Call” and you miss those calls, you’re throwing money away. Those clicks cost money. For the dental example, each of those clicks can range between $2 and $10.

Complaint Escalation: An irate client that is trying to reach your office unsuccessfully may channel their anger to social media and review channels. Not being available to talk them down from a ledge can be costly to your reputation.

Missed Learning Opportunities: If you don’t talk to a prospect on the phone, you don’t get to learn how they heard about you, if they evaluated any of your competitors, and what the exact service is that they’re looking for and why. As you build a client database, this information is vital.

Damaged Relationships: Clients that get sent repeatedly to voicemail with no acknowledgment that their message was received are bound to feel unimportant. If you can immediately reply to their call with a text explaining why you didn’t get to the phone and when you’ll call them back, it can go a long way toward helping them maintain a positive view of your business.

Benefits of Missed Call Texting

It should come as no surprise that not everyone likes talking to a live business. In the US, more than half of the population prefers to communicate with brands via text messages and emails. Consider encouraging customers to text your business for instant and convenient communications.

And, when you do miss a call, missed call texting allows you to do the following:

Win a customer that you might have lost: If your prospect gets a text from you immediately after they place a call, they’re more likely to interact with you instead of contacting one of your competitors.

Provide better customer service: Small businesses might not have the staff to immediately return a call (or even check their voicemails). By sending a missed call text, your customers can interact with you in real-time and perhaps even get their questions answered or their issue solved.

Get to know your customers: A missed call text allows you to interact with customers and prospects, even if you can’t get to the phone. You can ask them to share their inquiries via text and offer to reply as soon as possible.

Customization Options

Depending on the service you use, you’ll be able to customize which messages are sent to people at different times throughout the day. For example, you may decide to have one missed call text sent to people during your open office hours, and another sent during closed office hours.

If your office is open, you can send a text that says you’ll get back to them as soon as possible. You can explain that you were away from your desk and apologize for missing the call. Reassure the person that their call is important to you, and you are eager to help.

An additional option is to invite them to click on your website or another landing page to schedule an appointment or send an email. By giving your message recipients alternative ways to reach you, you may be able to help them without having to make a return call.

If you have a missed call text that’s sent during your open office hours, then it makes sense to have one when your office is closed. In this scenario, it would be helpful to say that the office is no longer open and that someone will be in contact with them as soon as the office reopens the next morning. And again, you can offer different options to schedule appointments, visit your website, or perform another action.

No More Missed Opportunities

Missing a call no longer has to mean missing an opportunity. With missed-call texting, you can interact with your customers even if you’re not available to answer the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Isn’t a voicemail enough?

a. Having a voicemail box is good, but a missed call text takes customer service one step further. It lets your customers know you’re still serving them, and gives them another line of communication.
b. Right now with only a voicemail, your customer still has to wait for a call back. And it may take a couple times until they finally answer. But with a missed call text, you reach them immediately, and they can respond immediately. And you can keep the conversation going.

2. Is there a text character limit for these missed call text messages?

a. While there isn’t technically a character limit, we do recommend keeping your initial message under 150 characters. Ideally your initial automated message fits in just one text message instead of sending multiple.