In today’s fast-evolving healthcare landscape, practice ownership can seem like a daunting endeavor. Yet, insights from seasoned professionals can illuminate the path to successful management and growth. In our latest webinar, featuring Dr. Jenn Tabiza and Dr. Josh Prentice, we explore their experiences and strategies in navigating the intricacies of practice ownership.

The Journey to Practice Ownership

Dr. Tabiza, an eye care and med spa owner, has learned to synergize her roles to enhance both her practices. “It’s been a journey. They’ve kind of fed each other,” Dr. Tabiza shares about her dual roles, highlighting how innovations in one area have bolstered the other.

Dr. Prentice’s professional journey illustrates the multifaceted decisions involved in practice ownership — it’s not just about where you can thrive economically but also where you can fulfill personal life values and community roles. His story is a vivid example of how practice owners can navigate the complexities of their careers while honoring their personal lives and community connections.

Essential Financial Planning and Budgeting

The financial aspect of practice ownership cannot be overstressed. Dr. Prentice emphasizes the importance of efficient team management and leveraging technology to reduce overhead. “The number one metric for me is overhead,” he notes, pointing out the critical role of a good CPA and accountant in keeping the numbers straight and indicative of the practice’s health.

Dr. Tabiza adds that regular overhead reviews can uncover cost-saving opportunities and streamline operations. “About once a quarter I’ll go through my overhead expenses and see where I can start to look for better options,” she explains, showcasing a proactive approach to financial health.

Managing Cash Flow and Revenue

Discussing cash flow management, Dr. Tabiza reveals her proactive stance on monitoring financial metrics and initiating marketing efforts to boost revenue when necessary. Dr. Prentice, on the other hand, discusses the benefits of block booking to stabilize revenue, a technique that ensures daily goals are met consistently.

Marketing: Attraction and Retention

When it comes to marketing strategies, both panelists agree that attracting new patients and retaining current ones require distinct approaches. Dr. Tabiza utilizes patient feedback to tailor marketing efforts, ensuring they are responsive and personalized. Dr. Prentice highlights the effectiveness of in-house marketing teams that enhance patient experiences and foster referrals through exceptional service.

Leveraging Technology for Growth

Both practitioners are enthusiastic about the role of technology in simplifying business operations and improving patient care. Dr. Tabiza talks about integrating technology to streamline mundane tasks, thereby enhancing staff morale and operational efficiency. Dr. Prentice discusses the use of automated systems for appointment reminders and clinical technologies like AI for diagnostics, which not only save time but also elevate the quality of care provided.

Looking Ahead: Staying Agile and Innovative

Looking forward in 2024, both doctors emphasize the importance of adaptability and innovation in practice management. Dr. Prentice advises peers to stay curious and look for integrated solutions that enhance both patient and staff experiences. Dr. Tabiza suggests maintaining a high-energy, positive environment, resilient against external pressures.

“If you’re out somewhere and you see something fun or you’re like, wow, that’s unique– See if there’s an application for that in your own [practice],” Dr. Prentice concludes, pointing towards a mindset of continual learning and adaptation.


Navigating practice ownership requires a balanced approach that considers financial management, marketing, technology integration, and most importantly, a mindset geared towards continuous improvement and adaptation. The experiences shared by Dr. Tabiza and Dr. Prentice not only shed light on successful strategies, but also underscore the importance of viewing practice management as an integral part of having a fulfilling, happy practice.

For those looking to dive deeper into the nuances of practice ownership and gain more insights from these seasoned professionals, check out the full video of this insightful webinar. 

Webinar: Navigating Practice Ownership – Weave

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