Are you an HVAC technician? If so, how do you communicate with customers while traveling between jobs? If the answer is through your personal cell phone number, a serious reconsideration of your communication methods is in order.
While calling customers straight from your cell phone may be convenient, doing so creates a severe imbalance between work and your personal life. Thankfully, adding a business line to your cell phone that allows you to make and receive calls from your business’s commercial phone number is easier than you may think.

Read on to learn more about why you should add a business line to your cell phone.

What Is a Business Line for Cell Phones?

Your HVAC business probably has a business phone number that customers can call to schedule appointments, ask questions about your services, and learn more about your business. If your business is like many HVAC companies, this phone number probably directs customers to your central office, where you or a receptionist answers the call.

While only directing your business phone number to your office makes sense in theory, it eliminates any potential for you and the other technicians to receive calls while you are on the job. The HVAC industry is hands-on, and most of your day probably consists of traveling to service appointments and fixing HVAC problems in customers’ homes.

Creating a business line for your cell phone could allow you to answer calls that customers make to your business’s phone number from anywhere. You would not have to be in the office to receive these calls— instead, they would transfer to your cell phone, where you would have the option to answer them or redirect them to your voicemail.

You and the other technicians on your team could also utilize this business phone number to contact customers from your cell phones without needing to give away your personal phone numbers.

The easiest way to add a business line to your cell phone is to utilize an app such as Weave. Weave allows you to make and receive calls through the app rather than through your phone’s built-in messaging system. Weave also includes built-in features that make it easier to organize incoming calls and work within your designated business hours.

7 Benefits of Adding a Business Line to Your Cell Phone

Adding a business line to your cell phone as an HVAC technician can provide a range of benefits for yourself, the other technicians, and the company as a whole. Here are seven benefits of adding a business line.

1. Privacy

One of the most significant advantages of using a business line on your cell phone rather than calling from your personal cell phone number is privacy. When you call customers from your personal cell phone to inform them of appointment changes or ask questions about their HVAC needs, they gain access to your personal, private information.

Your cell phone number is one of the primary pieces of contact information a person can have about you. Once customers gain access to this number, they can find out anything else they want to know about you, such as your full name, your address, and your date of birth, through a Google search.

However, adding a business line that uses your business’s commercial phone number allows you to preserve your privacy. Instead of seeing your personal number, customers will only see your business’s phone number when you call them from your cell phone.

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2. Work/Life Balance

As an HVAC technician, you may struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Staying busy with customer appointments throughout the day and responding to emergency service requests can cut into your personal time. However, giving customers your personal cell phone number is another surefire way to hurt your work/life balance.

When customers have access to your personal cell phone number, they can call you to request appointments or ask you questions at all hours of the day. As a result, you are essentially always on call, making it challenging to separate your work life from your family life and personal time.

However, adding a business line can allow you to limit the times in which a customer can call you directly. A business line app like Weave lets you automatically direct calls to voicemail after a specific time, preventing you from seeing these calls until the following morning. You can also customize your call settings to be as strict or flexible as you’d like.

3. Professionalism

Even though making and receiving calls from your personal cell phone may be convenient, it isn’t very professional.

As an HVAC technician, you want to portray an air of professionalism and expertise to your customers and demonstrate that your HVAC business is the best choice around. However, giving out your personal phone number shows that your business is not up to date on the latest calling technology and might not have professional processes in place.

Instead, you can use a business line on your cell phone to create a unified commercial business number to call customers from. Using Weave, you can also set up a professional voicemail message that gives information about your business, further increasing your respectability as a company.

4. Flexibility

Let’s say that you decide not to give out your personal phone number to customers, meaning that the only number you use is the one that directs back to your HVAC service office. Using only this central phone severely limits your ability to communicate with customers while on the go.

However, adding a business line to your cell phone can increase your flexibility, preventing you from needing to go back to the office every time you want to make a call. With Weave, you can manage your entire phone system from anywhere, whether you are in the office or on the go.

Weave allows you to respond to calls and create custom voicemail messages without having to step foot in the office, giving you increased flexibility and convenience when it comes to business calls.

5. Simplicity

Some HVAC companies choose to purchase business cell phones for their employees that each utilize a different phone number. While this method is better than not using business numbers at all, it is still more complicated than is necessary.

Adding a business line to all technician cell phones can simplify your business’s communication processes significantly. Customers will only need to keep track of one phone number, making it easier for them to contact your company with service requests.

At the same time, technicians will only need to remember one phone number to provide to customers when responding to inquiries. Your business also will not need to waste money purchasing new cell phones for every technician, as technicians can utilize their personal cell phones to make and receive calls from the business line.

Finally, using a more straightforward communication method can encourage customers to reach out to your business rather than considering other HVAC technicians in the area.

6. Innovation

Without a business line, your personal cell phone is relatively limited in the features it can provide for business calls. In most cases, you can only make and answer calls through a cell phone without having access to any added features or technology.

However, using a business line platform like Weave can give you more innovative calling features and technologies to enhance your communication and overall business performance. Weave provides call tracking and recording, visual voicemail, unlimited long distance calls, and data about the total number of missed and answered calls to the business line.

Using the Weave mobile app can give you access to a wealth of valuable information you can use when communicating with HVAC customers.

7. Brand Consistency

Using a business line on your cell phone is also an effective way to promote brand consistency. You and the other HVAC technicians on your team can use this phone number to create a more consistent brand presence and ensure that customers know what number to call when they need assistance.

Utilizing one central phone number can also make it easier to ensure that all of your business listings and advertisements show the correct phone number. Even if you get a new cell phone and change your personal number, you would not have to worry about updating business listings to reflect this change.

Add a Business Line with Weave

Adding a business line to your cell phone may sound like a complicated process at first. However, Weave makes it quick and easy to begin using your business’s phone number from your cell phone.

Using the Weave platform and mobile app, you can begin making and receiving calls from your business phone number right on your mobile device. This app is easy to use, allowing you and the other technicians to begin integrating it into your daily HVAC schedule almost instantly.

At Weave, we strive to provide the business solutions you need to simplify and automate your day-to-day HVAC business tasks. For more information about our business line options or to request a free demo, contact us today at 866-638-2110.