Mobile Responsive Dental Websites: A Must Have for Your Practice

Stop. Look around the waiting room of your practice.

How many of your patients are using their smartphones to play games, stay in touch with friends and use social media? Most likely you’ll notice that a huge percentage of your patients use mobile devices. In fact, according to Pew Internet, as of spring 2015 64% of Americans own a smartphone of some kind.

In 2016 Google announced that more than 60% of all online searches were from a mobile device, and in 2018 Google switched to a mobile first index. This means that if your website is not built to be mobile friendly, you are severely missing out.

What if My Website is not Mobile Responsive?

If your website is not mobile responsive, it will be pushed down in search engines. Let’s put it this way, if someone finds your website through search and clicks on it while on a mobile device, they are probably not going to hang around for very long if your site is not built for mobile. If people get to your website and leave immediately that is called bouncing. A high bounce rate leads to lower rankings, s0 you can connect the dots. Make your dental website mobile responsive to keep your rankings as high as possible!

With a huge number of your patients and potential patients using smartphones or other mobile devices, doesn’t it make sense that you should make your website mobile friendly? Consider three reasons why having a mobile-friendly site is important and then learn how to check out the current status of your site—in terms of mobile friendliness.

Easy Wins

If a potential new patient tries to log on your website and finds the page is not responsive or that the site doesn’t load properly, the patient is more likely to move along to another office. Make your site easy to navigate—even on the smallest devices.

Mobile Friendly Sites Perform

SEO. That term may not mean a whole lot to you, but what it accomplishes does. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what makes your website show up higher in searches. Google recently released an upgrade to its search algorithm that rewards pages that are mobile friendly and may harm the performance of those that are not. That’s a big deal.

Mobile Makes it Easier to Connect

When you have a mobile friendly website, you can feel confident about telling your customers to log on and make an appointment or ask a question. Plus, you can connect your site to your social media profiles and make staying in touch even easier. You can reach your patients where they are—RIGHT NOW.

So, with having a mobile-friendly website so important, what should your next step be? Google offers a free mobile-friendly test. Type in your URL and you’ll get a customized report regarding your mobile performance.

As important as it is, having a website that is designed for today’s smartphone-using patients is just the first step in building stronger patient relationships. Weave helps you grow your practice and develop patient relationships.

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