Rachel Nilsson, founder of Rags, joined us in studio to invite viewers to register for Weave’s Business Growth Summit, the world’s largest online growth event going on live February 11, 2020.

Rags was founded in 2014, when Rachel began selling handmade clothing on Instagram. Six years later, her company features limited-edition releases, which often sell out in minutes, and has cultivated a passionate community of Raggers – with over 260K followers.

Rachel will share key business growth insights with registrants of Weave’s Business Growth Summit and share her journey in building Rags to the success it is today.

Weave’s Business Growth Summit is an event fit for all – not just business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs. Following completely free registration, viewers will be given on-demand access to over 20 speakers across 40 industries including Rachel, Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show, Chatbooks CMO Daniel Jiminez and former Major League Baseball player Dale Murphy.

Register today at getweave.com/bgs so you don’t miss the opportunity to become the best by hearing from the best.


This article was originally published by Fox 13, January 27, 2020. See full article and video at fox13now.com.