Quinell Dixon’s bio

As a 16-year-old, Quinell had a job at Popeye’s chicken. Many times there would be leftover food that would either go to waste or be given to the homeless shelter. Hoping to make a bit of extra cash, Quinell saw a spectacular opportunity. Cafeteria food at school is not known for the joy it brings to its diners’ taste buds. Rather, if given the option, students would gladly accept almost anything else. Quinell would take those leftovers from Popeye’s, heat them up and sell them to happy buyers in the halls of the high school.

That thirst for ownership and control over what he was able to make pushed him to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. Quinell wanted to make his own clothing line. As he pursued this, nothing really compared to the feeling of having someone like his creation so much that they wanted to wear it and be associated with it. That feeling ultimately kept him coming back to entrepreneurship. Now it has evolved into a long path version of “what will I be known for beyond my life?”

Allow Your Why To Evolve

It may always have the same roots, but the reason you became an entrepreneur will sprout, grow new branches, and reach heights you may have never been able to fully comprehend. Also, life happens. Being flexible and adaptable given your particular life circumstances is crucial. Everything can ultimately serve a great purpose in propelling you forward if you allow it to.

bring best self to job

Just like Quinell’s experience as a newly engaged young man who went into a traditional, corporate job. It meant he left the full role of entrepreneurship for some time, but his time and experiences were not wasted. He refined skills like writing an email, keeping track of invoices, and so much more.

That entire experience provided Quinell with skills, resources and business acumen that would go on to fuel him in his current efforts. They’ve contributed to his current efforts with Embrogo Brand¹ and the ability to be an efficient and successful entrepreneur– even amidst a global pandemic and a tightening economy.

As a result, Quinell came to understand what truly motivated him. By experiencing something he didn’t love, and environment that didn’t play to his strengths, he was invigorated to refine his why and ultimately have it be what pushed him through hard times and help him build for himself and his family a legacy that he wants to be known for.

Bringing Your Full Self

Did you ever see that news segment on BBC where two children interrupted their father² on live television? The best part in my opinion is the mom rushing in to grab the children and then reaching for the doorknob at the end. If you haven’t, pause for a minute and go watch it.

Though this happened a little over three years ago, many of us are experiencing very similar things amidst working from home during a global pandemic. Conference calls are interrupted. Breaks are filled with walks to the park. Phone calls come as one parent is trying to homeschool and can be heard in the background. And as a result, we’re seeing more of our coworkers and presenting more about ourselves. We’re no longer segmenting our lives so starkly, as is easily done when our lives were physically segmented before (work and home).

Many entrepreneurs, like Quinell, see the value in this. When we present our full selves to our colleagues and customers, we provide a greater opportunity to connect. By presenting himself as a father, choreographer, and entrepreneur, Quinell is providing his audience with familiarity and comfort– the ability to see themselves in him, to see the possibilities he’s presenting and believe them. Especially when he’s proposing how you can follow his example and also have a successful hustle.³

“A brand is all-encompassing, and it has to start with the person, not the product.”
-Quinell Dixon

3 Takeaways

  1. Your why is the only thing that is going to keep you in entrepreneurship.
    What is your legacy going to be? How will your progeny remember you? How are you setting a path for them?
    Your why has to impact your life, not your moment. If it impacts your moment, you’ll lose it. If it impacts your life, you’ll keep it.
  2. Be a student. Forever.
    There is always something to learn. Ways to evolve and grow as a business AND as an individual.
  3. Dive into it. Dive into it because you feel like you have something to offer.
    Be ok with having an offer.

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