Will Humphreys’ Personal Bio

When Will was 17 he took a young girl on a date to go rock climbing. In the true nature of a 17-year-old, Will decided to climb a rock face without a rope to show off to his date. It was a 50-foot face, and Will fell. He broke both arms and both legs– for a total of 23 bones. I can’t write this next part without twitching. As he lay there on the ground, he saw his femur sticking out of his leg. It took six hours for rescue workers to get Will and take him to safety.

After 8 surgeries and 6 six, Will met someone who was instrumental to his life. Connie. She came in with love and light and worked not only to heal Will physically, but to also heal his spirit, attitude, and mood. To lift him out of despair.

This experience was what inspired Will to pursue the path of a physical therapist. Then, on his journey to entrepreneurship, he joined a company, exited that company, and started his own. After experiencing that, Will feels like he can’t stop. He has 8 active LLCs as a result. On the side, he runs The Profitable PT YouTube channel¹ and has a book coming out end of 2020/beginning of 2021.

Profitability is always the focus

This can mean so many things. When it comes to starting businesses, it can mean you begin to forget the risk that comes with starting a business. Consider the fact that when you’ve started a business and been successful, your second venture has a 30% chance of succeeding (compared to a 20% chance if your first venture was unsuccessful).² In that sense, the more you try, the more you’re successful, the more profitable you are.


But, as Will stated, profitability is about understanding where the value is. You can be financially profitable or you can be personally profitable. And they’re not mutually exclusive. Often, by being kind, you can increase your financial profitability.

Outgrowing yourself

Many of us have heard the phrase “if you want it done right, do it yourself.” As an entrepreneur, especially one with a budding business, you will quickly find that that mantra won’t suit you for long. A) you’re one person and can only be stretched so far and B) people need to be trusted– in fact, many will thrive and blossom when you put trust in them and give them a bit of direction. Bottom line is, if you want your business to grow beyond a certain point, you need to learn to delegate.

Your company can also outgrow you in terms of your skills and expertise. It may happen sooner than you expect, and it’s not an easy transition. Inviting someone to help take over things can be a major growing pain for you and your business. Will attests that, when done right, hiring someone to help you in the areas you are weak can save you financially and mentally.

When a business gets dangerously close to outgrowing its owner, there can be some personal repercussions. If you haven’t learned this through your own choices, learn it from someone else’s mistakes. Take on help as soon as you’re able. Don’t wait for health to decline or for you to miss years of your child(ren)’s life. Will had a moment where he needed to evaluate what he was doing and why. It was his son’s words that helped him really assess how he was currently running his business and pivot to a better way.

Profitability Unlocks Possibility

When Will found out he was in a financial position where he couldn’t immediately pay bills (after the initial shock, of course), he knew he needed help. He knew he needed a resource and guide, so he began to invest in coaching. At first, it was more that he felt entirely comfortable spending. The return was phenomenal. It was greater financial profits which then brought freedom.

Because the only resource we truly have is time. What are we investing our time in? Allocation of our time is crucial. It’s important to think about:

What am I doing to progress my goals?
What should I no longer be doing?

It’s about saying yes to the right things and no to others. Either completely abandoning things you shouldn’t be spending your time on, or simply delegating those activities to someone else.

3 Takeaways

1. Learn. Learning helps you discover your passion, path, and purpose.

All suffering is a resistance to what is. So we have three choices- like it, hate it, or leave it. Looking at things through this lens really highlights just how much choice we have in our life.

Daily routine. There’s a number of things we should do on a daily basis. Break them down into chewable steps. This helps you to be consistent.

2. Endure. Taking a stand for what we love.

The greater the challenge, the greater the need for that stand. And learning provides us with the clarity to make that stand. What do you stand for as it pertains to your business, lifestyle, work ethic?

3. Lead. Guiding others through their Learn and Endure.

Kindness truly pays off. When you turn to help, guide, mentor, or coach someone, you’re making one of the best investments you can make– you’re investing in another human being. You’re communicating to them that they’re worth it. And they’ll live up to that.

How To Connect

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