SEO Basics for Healthcare Practices

Grow Your Practice with Digital Marketing

In this expert interview, Andrew Cuthbert, Head of SEO at Weave, shares invaluable tips and strategies for healthcare practices looking to enhance their online presence through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From setting up Google My Business to acquiring positive reviews and creating patient-focused content, Andrew provides a comprehensive guide to help healthcare professionals navigate the complexities of SEO. Learn how to attract more patients and build a robust digital presence with these actionable insights.

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SEO Basics for Healthcare 1-page
You'll learn:
  • Patient-Centric SEO: Focus on your patients’ needs and preferences to guide your SEO strategy. Replace questions about Google’s algorithm with questions about what is important to your patients.
  • Importance of Reviews: Positive reviews not only boost search rankings but enhance your practice’s reputation. Use automation tools to request reviews and maintain a consistent review acquisition strategy.
  • Content Creation: Prioritize creating detailed, patient-friendly content for your website. Avoid keyword stuffing and focus on providing valuable information that addresses patients’ needs.