Don’t let cost compromise care: How pay-over-time financing enables pet protection no matter the cost

Sam Jenson, Weave // Teddy Levitt, Sunbit

With the cost of pet care and limited pet insurance options, pet parents have to make tough financial decisions on what services to prioritize for their animals. In this webinar learn how digital payment technology coupled with pay-over-time financing provides the optimal client experience and opens up much-needed services no matter the cost. Learn how to collect more with less time, effort, and hassle — creating less stress for your clients and staff while providing essential services to those who need it most.

You'll learn:
  • How digital payment options provide a better customer experience
  • How adding buy now, pay-over-time options drives more services on a consistent basis and gets pets the care they need to live longer and healthier lives
  • How real veterinary practices have realized a dramatic increase in financing production and customer approvals