Healthy Leadership: Techniques for Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout in Healthcare

Navigating Stress and Promoting Health within Your Team

In this webinar, we are joined by therapist Christina Powell to discuss mental health in the healthcare industry. Our conversation is specially tailored for healthcare leaders who play a crucial role in caring for others but often neglect their own well-being. Christina Powell shares expert insights into effective self-care strategies and methods to identify signs of burnout in both yourself and your colleagues.

More about our guest:

Christina Powell is a seasoned therapist who specializes in working with executives and corporate employees to manage the complexities of professional and personal life. She is adept at helping individuals cope with the repercussions of burnout, navigate leadership challenges, resolve conflicts in high-power roles, and achieve a balanced home and work life. Christina is licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in Florida (LMHC) and a Professional Counselor in Texas (LPC).

Her therapeutic approach is tailored to help clients maximize their potential through enhanced presence in their own lives, improved emotional management, and deeper self-understanding from childhood to the present. Her work is pivotal for those who find themselves pondering life’s demanding questions and seeking professional help to navigate significant life transitions and mental health concerns.

You'll learn:
  • Effective Coping Strategies
  • Balanced Leadership Techniques
  • Insights into Emotional Management