The 2022 State of Veterinary Staffing

The Latest Veterinary Staffing Trends & Tips to Power Your Practice

Weave surveyed over 510 medical professionals in February 2022 to understand the impact of labor and staffing shortages on small healthcare practices, including veterinary practices, across the U.S. The results are included here in The 2022 State of Veterinary Staffing.

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This ebook will give you insight into the current crisis in veterinary staffing.

  • The 2019-2029 job outlook for veterinary technologists and technicians rose to 16% during the pandemic, which was much greater than the average for all occupations (4%).
  • A study by the National Library of Medicine published in March of 2022 sought to investigate the challenges of veterinarians and their staff during the pandemic.
  • When respondents were asked if they considered switching career paths, 21% said they “strongly agree,” and another 24% said they “agree.”
  • 48% of veterinarians feel their clients are more or less satisfied with their experience with their healthcare practice than they were a year ago.
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