7 Books Every Medical Professional Should Read

2023 Spring Reading List

Our 2023 Trends Report revealed that today’s patients are raising the bar for medical practices — making customer communication and experiences your chance to outpace the competition, especially in times of uncertainty and economic fluctuation.

No matter your role in the practice, we’ve compiled 7 must-read books to help you improve your mind and actions, so you can better help the people around you — both customers and employees — in the year ahead.

Not the bookworm type? No problem. You can find these titles in a variety of formats like paperback, ebooks and audiobooks.

You'll learn:

  • 7 must-read titles to improve yourself and your practice
  • Inspiration and ideas for the year ahead
  • A brief synopsis of each book and where to access them
  • Other bonus content like podcasts, webinars and more
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