Repairing the Holes within your Marketing Strategy

How one practice used phone call metrics to solve this.

After spending his hard-earned money on many forms of local advertisements and marketing tactics, Dr. Bukari wondered why his investments weren’t generating as many new patients as he predicted. He soon realized a large piece of marketing he was overlooking was managing the traffic. His discovery led him to switch to Weave-an all-in-one communication and engagement platform that provides detailed and accurate phone call metrics for better patient communication. This switch led to big changes in his practice.

You'll learn:

  • How call analytics helped Dr. Sam Bakuri reduce average monthly missed calls from 35% to 4%.
  • How call analytics led to a change office operating hours and increased office efficiency.
  • How call analytics led Dr. Bakuri to confidently implement remote employees.
  • How call analytics led to less missed calls, better office efficiency, and ultimately more patients.

“Things that I love about Weave’s call analytics is the way they sort data. You can see—all color-coded—calls that come in from patients, non-patients, answered calls, missed calls, and even the volume of calls throughout the day. This data became incredibly insightful and easy to see the discrepancies of when patients were calling vs. when we were missing calls and opportunities.”

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- Dr. Sam Bakuri
Greater Pittsburgh Dental Implants and Periodontics
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