Grace Dental Saves 20+ Hours a Week and Countless Headaches with Weave Insurance Verification

How Weave Insurance Verification simplifies the insurance verification process

Verifying patient’s insurance is a lengthy and tedious process that often results in huge chunks of time on hold with insurance companies–a very inefficient use of the practice administrator’s time in their daily schedule. Learn how Grace Family Dental implemented Weave Insurance Verification to reduce time on hold with insurance companies, save hours a week, and overall create a better patient experience.

You'll learn:

  • How Weave Insurance Verification reduces time on hold with insurance companies
  • How Weave saves countless hours a week in the verification process
  • How Weave creates a better patient experience

“With Weave insurance verification, the majority of the time I don’t even need to waste time on the phone with the insurance companies anymore. The verification process per patient only takes a few minutes. I went through my whole patient schedule for the week and it only took 20 minutes!"”

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- Andrea Ippolito
Practice Administrator, Grace Family Dental
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