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Fall 2021: Retain

How to build loyalty and keep customers coming back.

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Customer Retention

Discover compelling new ideas and gather unique insights on how to retain your customers and build loyalty to your brand.
  • Experience insights and aha! moments from successful brands and leaders on how to communicate more effectively, increase engagement and drive more business.
  • Get free demos of solutions that will upgrade how you innovate and operate.
  • All content 100% free and online.
  • Perfect for businesses and practices in any industry, from healthcare to any type of small business.
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Featured Speakers

Hear compelling ideas and unique insights from speakers like Chip and Joanna Gaines, Mike Rowe, Elizabeth Dixon and more.

Principal Lead of Strategy at Chick-fil-A

Elizabeth Dixon

10:40am PT // 1:40pm ET
Elizabeth Dixon

5 Keys to an Exceptional Customer Experience

96% of Customers say that customer experience is critical for determining loyalty to a brand. But how often do you try to improve your Customer Experience, but find it doesn’t work? Why is that? Most organizations dont know where to focus and how to sustain it. Find out how to provide a Customer Experience that is defined by excellence and produces loyalty.

Co-Founders of Magnolia

Chip and Joanna Gaines

No longer available on-demand
Chip and Joanna Gaines

No longer available, on-demand

Building a business is one thing. Keeping your customers and patients around is another. Find out how Chip and Joanna Gaines built something that makes people feel at home, and keeps them coming back time and again.

Executive Producer // Host // Best-Selling Author

Mike Rowe

9:40am PT // 12:40pm ET
Mike Rowe

The Dirty Truth Behind Customer Trust: Building It Is Hard Work

With vast experience across hundreds of different jobs and interactions with thousands of business owners, Mike Rowe has learned a thing or two. Find out what he has to say about building customer trust and the importance of quality conversations in this moderated conversation.

VP of Customer Success

Rick Hansen

10:15am PT // 1:15pm ET
Rick Hansen

3 Tried & True Ways to Make Customer Support a Business Differentiator

Whether you call the people you serve customers, patients or clients, your interaction with them is a big responsibility. Find out how to make customer experience core to your business growth and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

David Khaydatov, Matt Kroff, and Thomas Kane

Available on-demand during the event
David Khaydatov, Matt Kroff, and Thomas Kane

Panel: Technology Driven Retention

As a business, it's easy to focus on the effects of customer service, product quality, and competitive pricing on our growth and retention. But it's more difficult to understand how the technical solutions we implement impact our customer's experience. In this session, find out why it's important to understand the impact of your technical solutions and how it can help your business grow.

Partner at Shorr Solutions

Mara Shorr

Available on-demand during the event
Mara Shorr

How to Build Brand Loyalty & Keep Patients Coming Back for More

The average patient or client costs hundreds of dollars to obtain, so why wouldnt we work hard to keep them coming back for more? Learn the skills your staff needs to create loyal returning patients/clients including, proper phone and sales skills, marketing strategies and methods for following up. Plus, learn the best tips and tricks for preventing no-shows and remaining top of mind for ultimate patient/client retention.

Vice President at Practice Compliance Solutions

Peter Cass

Available on-demand during the event
Peter Cass

Keys to Great Customer Retention

In the past, people chose which companies they did business with simply based on price or product. Today, the overall customer experience is often the driver. Find out how to enhance your customer experience and ultimately drive more business.

President at 2 Manage Vets Consulting

Debbie Boone

Available on-demand during the event
Debbie Boone

Creating a Customer Centric Business

Do you ever wish you had a "secret sauce" that created loyal clients and stopped negative reviews? Find out the recipe for becoming a client service superstar and reap the rewards of team wellbeing and business growth.

Professor at Washington State University

Richard DeBowes

Available on-demand during the event
Richard DeBowes

How Business Culture Dictates Business Outcomes

Even with the optimization of things like location, product, quality, facilities, and market share, a toxic culture will lead to absolute failure of one’s enterprise. Find out how business leaders can develop an optimal culture by creating an engaging and collaborative environment.

The business growth summit exceeded my expectations. The speakers demonstrate how it's done while simultaneously entertaining you. This is the kind of stuff all great thought leaders should aspire to do.

Rachel H.

Business manager

Frequently asked questions

What is Business Growth Summit?
Weave launched Business Growth Summit in early 2020 as a resource to help small business owners and entrepreneurs learn more ways to attract, communicate and engage with their customers. In 2021, there will be three editions of Business Growth Summit slated for Spring, Summer and Fall. This is the third event, on September 15th, and will have topics around how to retain customers, increase loyalty, and keep people coming back for more.
How long is this event?
The event will last 2 hours, with more time available afterward to continue to interact within the event platform.
Will the sessions be available after the event?
Yes, all event sessions will be available on-demand for at least 7 days following the event on getweave.com/business-growth-summit.
When is this event?
Business Growth Summit Fall edition will be held on September 15th, 2021. The event will run from 9-11am PT // 12 - 2pm ET.
How do I access the event?
You will receive an email shortly before the event with your unique access link. You will need this link to gain access.
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