The 2022 State of Optometry Staffing

The Latest Optometry Staffing Trends & Tips to Power Your Practice

Weave surveyed over 510 medical professionals in February 2022 to understand the impact of labor and staffing shortages on small healthcare practices, including optometry practices, across the U.S. The results are included here in The 2022 State of Optometry Staffing.

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  • One of the most critical reasons that optometry practices find it takes longer to accomplish daily administrative tasks is staffing shortages.
  • Weave’s survey showed that roughly 66% of the healthcare professionals concluded that they were short-staffed as of February 2022. Of this percentage, 5% were optometry professionals.
  • To better understand what work is like for optometrists and their staff during the pandemic, the AOA and the Health Policy Institute published a survey in April 2020.
  • Because of staffing shortages, 68% of the optometrists surveyed saw an increase in the time required for patient intake and a 35% increase in administrative duties such as insurance verification or collections.
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