When patients come to your dermatology practice to improve their skin health, they often want to shop for their provider’s favorite products so they can follow a comprehensive treatment plan. Offering high-quality, curated products at your dermatology practice benefits patients while boosting your revenue stream. Read on to learn how to begin curating the product selection at your dermatology practice.

Understanding the Products Used in Dermatology

The products used in dermatology differ from those on drugstore shelves as they are designed to treat or soothe different skin types with high-quality formulas.

The Spectrum of Dermatology Essentials: Dark Spot Correction Cream for Visibly Bright Skin, Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, Skin Tone Treatments, and More

Products at a dermatology office can cover everything from clinical treatments to normal skincare essentials.

Clinical treatments may help acne-prone skin, hair thinning, premature aging, excess shedding on the scalp, wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots, and more. On the other end of the spectrum, basic skincare essentials could include sensitive skin facial cleanser products, powerful daily serums for brightening dark spots, SPF creams, moisturizers, and more. You will likely want a combination of treatment-oriented products and more general items for basic skin care.

Why Quality Matters

When selecting products for your dermatology clinic, you must focus on quality ingredients and evidence-backed results. While you may not be prescribing the products like medications, you should think of them in a similar vein. If a patient has a poor experience with a product Dr. X recommended they may blame your practice, which will ultimately reflect poorly on your reputation.

Curating Your Dermatology Store

Now that you know about the vast range of products in dermatology and why quality matters, let’s discuss how you can begin curating your store.

Selecting the Right Products

We recommend evaluating the needs of your patient demographics to get a better idea of what you’ll be able to sell the most.

Consider your patients’ skin types and treatment needs. For example, if many of your patients struggle with hair thinning, you may want to select a daily hair growth supplement. If you have younger patients with acne and skin texture issues, stock some cleanser products with hyaluronic acid or similar ingredients.

Partnering With Reputable Suppliers

Be sure to work with reputable suppliers, so you know that you’ll receive authentic, consistent products regularly.

Marketing Dermatology Skincare Products

Whether you’re selling a one-of-a-kind anti-aging serum, daily hair growth supplement, or corrective agent to improve the appearance of dark circles around the delicate eye area, you’ll need to market your products. Here are a few strategies:

Educating Your Patients

Patient education is not just a marketing strategy but a requirement for client satisfaction. Educating patients about the benefits and proper use of products can drive sales by ensuring clients use their skin texture serums or anti-aging creams correctly.

Leveraging Digital Marketing

With digital marketing, you can promote your products on your practice’s website or social media so clients go to you when they need to restock an anti-aging serum, vitamin C moisturizer, oily skin cleanser, or anything else. You can create blogs or social media posts on topics like:

  • How to reduce fine lines
  • How to rejuvenate skin appearance
  • Different ways to protect your skin in the sun
  • Choosing the right products for your skin type
  • Exploring how vitamin C can help your body and skin

Implementing a Dermatology Product Strategy

Once you’ve received your products, you must implement a strategy for managing them efficiently:

Training Your Team

Your staff should be trained on each product. For example, if you offer the Even & Correct Advanced Brightening Treatment, each provider should be well versed in its ingredients, applications, and potential side effects to educate patients in advance.

Managing Inventory

You should also have a system in place for effective inventory management to avoid overstocking or selling out. We recommend using digital tools for enhanced insights.

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