If your dental office hasn’t gained the desired client base, you might be either targeting the wrong audience or running your blog in an ineffective way. Nevertheless, it is never too late to correct mistakes and avoid them in the future.

This article will discuss how to run a blog and what dental topics are a must on your website. Use these insightful tips and tricks to improve your online presence and make your dentistry a more attractive place for potential patients, with an extra bonus at the end!

How to Write a Dental Blog?

Your audience will definitely appreciate reading interesting dental blog topics that contain both valuable information and your expert opinion. It is especially important for a new dentist to prove the knowledge and experience gained throughout the years of practice in the dental industry.

However, it is easier said than done. Many dentists have no clue what dental blog topics are trending and whether patients are really into learning more about oral health. That is why it is your job, as a dentist, to prove them wrong and convince them that there are dental health matters they haven’t heard about before.

To intrigue and engage your audience, you need to know what people usually search for and want to learn about. Based on their inquiries, you will adjust your content accordingly and also start working on your local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Local SEO should be a part of your everyday business as it will aid you in positioning your dentistry high in the rankings of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines. One of the easiest ways to improve your online presence is by researching the keywords people look for in your area and then including them in your content.

To find out what people search for, you can use such platforms as Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and others. And to determine who you should address your content to, try to analyze who visits your website on the Google Analytics platform.

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Once you know what keywords to target and who is your main audience, you can start writing your blog. Obviously, there is an abundance of subjects to discuss, but first, you should decide what style of writing you want to follow. Here are some examples for your try with dental blog name ideas:

Educational. Share some information that is both valuable and practical in use for your patients, like:

  • What is gum disease and how to prevent it from developing
  • Causes for tooth loss

List. This type of blog post is quite popular and provides a lot of information in one place, letting your patient flick through the page quickly but still learn useful facts, such as:

  • 10 reasons for tooth decay
  • Things not to do after wisdom teeth removal

Interview. With the agreement of your patient, make an interview about the recent procedure or engage one of your employees to talk about treatment for missing teeth or any other related to dentistry topic. Encourage your audience to leave a comment about what they would like to learn about and prepare an article about it, for instance:

  • Insightful interview with our patient about procedures
  • Testimonials left by previous customers

Series. This type of blog posts might require more planning and preparation because you will need to do research about a specific case or an issue and cover related topics about it. As an example, you could go in-depth about dental care for patients or dental practice for future dentists, for example:

  • Everything you need to know about oral health
  • How to become a dental professional in no time

Review. Another great idea for a dental blog is to make reviews of products that are used in your practice. Together with your professional opinion, it will help you boost sales and gain the trust of prospective patients to use your services. For instance, you can write about:

  • 10 must-have things to maintain good oral health
  • 5 products to improve dental health

FAQ. It is good to engage patients to ask you questions and be active on your social page; however, it can take up a massive amount of time and distract your staff from focusing on what really matters in day-to-day business. Therefore, we advise you to prepare FAQs that would be readily available for any person wondering about your services, such as:

  • FAQ about dental treatment
  • FAQs about what to do a day before a procedure

Introductory. Last but not least is to introduce your staff to your audience. It is good to show that each dentist working with you is a professional and industry expert. You can prepare a blog in an ask&answer style.

Blogging is time-consuming yet effective in building authority online and gaining the trust of your audience to use your services. It is good practice to be consistent and deliver blog articles at least once a week, and quote only credible information, for example, American Dental Association or research works.

And with this basic information out of the way, it is time to get to the bottom of the article and talk about engaging dental blog topics. Below, our top 15 ideas to write about when creating your dental blog.

1. The Current Issues in Dentistry Revealed

Storytelling is one of the most interesting ways of blogging. This is a chance to tell a story about why you have launched your own clinic, whether it is cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, or family dentistry. People love reading about inspiration challenges that entrepreneurs go through.

One of the things you could share is how you managed to increase your client base through either sales or blogging. Give your readers tips on how to boost site traffic and convert leads to actual buyers.

As a new business, you might have faced a problem of understaffing, so sharing your tips and tricks used to run your dental practice effectively will be met with applause. It would also be a nice gesture to add tools you have utilized so that a future dental assistant will reshare them and spread them among aspiring dentists. You can mention platforms and applications you have used, for example, Google Search Console for tracking traffic and Weave Scheduling for automating reminders and invitations.

2. What Is the Most Complicated Dental Procedure?

People love reading about the most and the best, so give them the blog post about the most complicated procedure you have dealt with throughout your dental practice. If you haven’t faced any yet, why not research about one?

As an example, you could describe a complex dental restoration process or present a case study you have learned from your colleagues in the industry.

3. Dental Implant – Is It Worth Your Money?

Your patients may consider dental implants but wonder about the final cost. Obviously, you wouldn’t beagle to give an exact price, but you could give an estimated price range for all three types of dental implants. To extend the blog, you could explain further the differences between them, their pros and cons, and which one is the most optimal in your opinion.

Giving a piece of your expert advice or explaining how the procedure is performed will make you look credible and knowledgeable in the eyes of readers.

4. How Long Does a Dental Crown Last?

The key to having a successful blog is not to write about what you think to be useful but to write about topics patients look for. One of them can be how long a dental crown and a dental bridge last. As with any topic regarding dental health, you can go in-depth into what factors affect the lifespan of an implant and whether it is worth opting for instead of other procedures that you offer.

5. What Happens After Tooth Extraction?

Do you ever feel like your patients forget about what you advise them? How about writing a full article about dos and don’ts after tooth extraction. After every procedure, you can schedule an auto-message with the link to your article so that your clients know exactly what to expect and when it is absolutely necessary to get in touch with you in case of adverse effects.

6. Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

One of the biggest reasons why patients don’t go to the dentist until it is late is fear of pain. They tend to check dental tooth problems online, their treatment, and comments from people who have had them – some of which aren’t the pleasant ones. However, they forget about the fact that every dentist has a different approach, different equipment, and techniques.

The way you perform root canal treatment, or other procedures can greatly differ. Let your patients know about it.

7. How Often Do You Need Dental Cleaning?

Do you need to remind your patients that regular dental cleaning and checkups will prevent them from having disastrous teeth? Write a short blog post about it and mention the optimal number of times they should visit you per month or year.

A blog post of this kind is a perfect match for a monthly newsletter. You can include concise but interesting information like this in your email marketing strategy.

8. How to Overcome Dental Anxiety?

Remember we mention the fear of pain? Anxiety is the second factor why patients avoid going to the dentist. It would be helpful if you could assist them in combating their stress of a procedure of any sort. You could prepare a universal blog post that applies to any procedure performed in your dentistry. Write it in a way that your patients will feel calmer and will trust your professionalism. This, in turn, will help them feel reassured and confident before coming to you.

9. What to Expect After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Most people know more or less what wisdom teeth removal looks like. Usually, they aren’t sure what to expect afterward. You could answer most asked questions about it, advise on what to drink and eat, and how to maintain good teeth hygiene.

10. Baby Teeth – Everything a Parent Needs to Know

You must have noticed that parents are worried to death about their children and often seek help online when something is off. Having a series of blog posts related to problems that children often experience will earn you well-deserved traffic and credible information. By targeting parents, you can also start webinars, and your articles will help you accumulate enough viewers to generate sales in the future.

11. Causes of Bad Breath

People search for many dental-related topics that they may not even mention during the visit. Consequently, if you know what people look for online, you will be able to be the first to answer all of their questions. This way, you will not only lure more potential clients but also make your blog quite famous.

12. What Is Dental Sedation and Is It Safe?

Sedation dentistry is the medication that frankly sounds a bit terrifying. Your job is to present your services and products in a way that people won’t turn away from. If you happen to prefer only one type of sedation at your clinic, this is your chance to explain your decision by supporting it with credible links and research.

13. Latest Dental Technology in Restorative Dentistry

If you specialize in restorative dentistry, it is a chance to tell your readers what materials and equipment you use, along with other questions they may have about it. Use your social media to collect the most asked questions and then put it all together in one blog post. If you add a comment section, there is a possibility to maintain constant traffic by answering people’s questions.

14. Dental Insurance and Why You Need It

If dental insurance is not quite popular or even known among your patients, you can close this gap by informing them of your offers, prices, and benefits. To convince a reader to purchase one, you can clearly state what it includes and what the insurance can cover in your dental clinic. Write it in a list format so readers can quickly flick through the most important points.

15. Pediatric Dentistry vs. General Dentistry

Writing a blog post where you distinguish two services, procedures, or terms is usually an easy read for many. Here, you can mention the main differences and similarities. Include interesting facts about adult and baby teeth and why a child shouldn’t visit a general dentist. You can support your blog post with special needs required to care for kids’ teeth and adults’.

5 Fantastic Dental Blogs to Use for Inspiration

Getting started with your blog can be overwhelming because there are so many formats to try and dental topics to cover. Your goal is to provide credible and up-to-date information that will only benefit your patients when making an important decision.

Check out these five blogs for inspiration:

1. Start a Dental Student Blog

If you are just starting to gain experience and knowledge, it doesn’t mean you have to wait up until you launch your dentistry. While studying, this is your chance to start growing your audience by sharing how hard and persisting you are working on becoming the best in the industry. American Student Dental Association (ASDA) blog does exactly the same.

2. Follow the Example of Mouth Healthy

If that sounds unfamiliar and you start asking yourself, ‘What is mouth healthy?’ then you should follow this link and subscribe to their newsletter. If you strive to make your blog popular, you can see how the team at Mouth Healthy does that. Check out how organically the blog consists of informative articles and promotes products to purchase to maintain good dental hygiene.

3. Read Weave Dental Blog

Weave collects all the exciting information about dentistry for dental professionals like you. Our blog posts are informative and specifically aimed at dentists to help them run their businesses successfully and effortlessly. There, you can learn how to attractively present your content, so the readability is clear and easy to scan, among other things. Read on dental posts and get inspired!

4. Learn How to Approach Parents and Kids With America’s ToothFairy

If you run pediatric dentistry, your website and blog posts should be adjusted to the target audience, who are mainly parents (with their children). Since a parent would look for a place where their kids wouldn’t be scared to go, you can start convincing them from your homepage. Check out how appealing America’s ToothFairy caters to the needs of parents and kids.

5. Easy Read About Serious Topics from Perfect Teeth

Discussing serious issues encountered in dental practice can be daunting. Your readers would want to spend their time reading about interesting topics rather than focusing all their intention just on comprehending your research paper. Luckily, it is possible to appeal to readers even when discussing complicated procedures. Perfect Teeth blog manages to excel in this niche and shares most essential tips in short, concise articles.

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Key Takeaways

As a dentist, you already have a lot on your plate. Running a dental blog will only take more of your time. Therefore, if you truly want to gain a ton of new clients, you should work on making your content optimized and reachable to many people in your area. Devoting yourself to improving the user experience on your webpage and adjusting your blog to the frequently searched keywords, however, will yield great results in the long run. It is not an overnight success but a journey you may lead for years.

Consequently, the way you handle your company should also be adapted to the current demand. Weave provides you with solutions that aid in managing your dentistry efficiently and cost-effectively. Check out how our technology can help you gain new clients, boost sales, and run your business smoothly.