Successfully running a dental office is no easy task, but it would be nearly impossible without the help and hard work of dental assistants. Luckily, it’s easy to show your appreciation for your team! Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or even “just because,” we have lots of ideas for fast, fun, and creative dental assistant gifts.

Why not use the inspiration to take your gifting skills up a notch? Keep reading to learn more about the top gift ideas for dental assistants that will show how much you genuinely care.

Amazon Dental Assistant Gifts

The e-commerce giant Amazon provides plenty of fast and easy ways to shop for dental assistant gifts. However, finding a gift among the millions of different options can be slightly overwhelming unless you already have an idea in mind. So instead of mindlessly browsing, check out these five ideas for the perfect gift from Amazon.

Gift Card

Although some people believe giving a gift card is a copout, we disagree. Shopping for one is fast and easy, and it allows the recipient to buy something they want or need rather than getting a gift that they may not like. After all, it is the number one choice for a last-minute fallback gift if you forgot to shop or just ran out of time.

Engraved Tumblers or Mugs

What’s better than giving a gift with a personal touch? Amazon has a wide range of options for engraving your gift. Personalize your mug with words or images to make it extra special. Plus, a mug doubles as a desk decoration or pencil holder for those who don’t drink coffee or tea. Popular tumbler and mug engraving ideas include names (children or pets), dentist-related images (i.e., a dancing tooth), and sayings (funny or inspirational).

Cosmetic or Tote Bag

For the female dental assistant, another great gift from Amazon is a cosmetic bag or tote bag. The cosmetic bag is the perfect choice for a skincare, makeup, or beauty lover. If she doesn’t use much makeup, consider getting a tote bag. Look for one in her favorite color or print, or have one embroidered with her initials for a special touch.

Electronic Toothbrush

Perhaps an electronic toothbrush falls under the category of “predictable gifts” for a dental assistant, but who cares? The technology in electronic toothbrushes used to be expensive, but now Amazon has plenty of affordable options. Don’t forget the toothpaste!

Funny or Personalized Keychain

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be extravagant. Instead, choose a funny or personalized keychain with a dentist theme. Maybe your assistant would like a humorous keychain with a giant gold tooth or one with a saying like “Same spit, different day” or “Go floss yourself.” Alternatively, choose an inspirational saying like “Dental assistants make the world a  better place, one smile at a time.”

Give Dental Assistant Accessories to Your Staff

Are you struggling to find the perfect accessory to gift your dental team? Over-the-top gifts are out the window, and small gifts are “in.” Shop for something small yet thoughtful to show your appreciation for all the hard work of your staff.

Face Mask with Dental Designs

Everyone has to wear a face mask at the dentist’s office. So why not get your staff matching face masks with dentist-themed designs, like a smiling tooth or pictures of friendly-looking dental tools? Matching facemasks also creates a uniform, professional look for your staff. Make sure the product you choose is medical-grade, and buy plenty as backups.

Medical Shoes

You don’t need a special press release to know that every dental assistant spends all day on their feet, which can be painful. If you’re out of ideas for dental assistant gifts, shop for a pair of specialty medical shoes with a plush sole for maximum comfort. Do some quick research to find a quality pair, and be sure to get the right size.

Celebrate Dental Assistant Week with Your Team

Whether you call it Dental Assistants Recognition Week or Appreciation Week, the first full week in March is for celebrating dental assistants and recognizing their hard work. We’ve got the best gift ideas for any dentist who wants to show their genuine appreciation for their dental assistants and entire staff.

Ideas for Dental Assistant Appreciation Week

Before making any plans, collaborate with your staff to get their opinions and ideas. Your coworkers can give you a hand with the planning, shopping, and preparation to ensure that the week goes smoothly. Here are five ideas for celebrating a dental assistant:


Who doesn’t love a party? Parties are fun, and they encourage coworker bonding. Did your assistant recently attain certification? If so, it’s time to celebrate. Graduation is a big deal, and your get-together should reflect that. Shop for decorations with a graduation theme, and have everyone bring a food item or dessert.

Medical Shoes, Comes to mind again

A pair of supportive and comfortable medical shoes are the perfect gift for any dentist, dental hygienist, or staff member. Look for shoes with a soft rubber sole that won’t make noise on a tile floor. Also, skip the dull colors. Instead, choose a bright color or print to add a bit of cheer around the office.

Surprise Delivery of Lunch or Flowers

It may be the “old faithful” of gifts, but a surprise delivery of a catered lunch or flower bouquet will never fail to impress. If you choose lunch, check before you order to see if any team members have food allergies. Or you could send a bouquet—flowers are always lovely, but you’ll score extra points by sending an edible fruit bouquet. Don’t forget the chocolate-covered strawberries, either.

Customized Dental Assistant Pullover or T-Shirt

A customized pullover or t-shirt provides endless possibilities for dentist-themed personalization. Consider a simple design with the office name or logo or use photos of the entire office staff. If you’re ambitious, head to a craft store for supplies and make them yourself.

Gift Basket

The last great idea on our list is simple, thoughtful, and perfect for any dental assistant. Curate a gift basket with your assistant’s favorite things, or pick your own. Popular ideas include gourmet coffee or candy, lotions and sprays, fancy jams and jellies, desk accessories, and wine. You have endless possibilities. Finish it off with a cellophane wrapper and a shiny silver bow.

How to Buy Dental Assistant Gifts in Bulk

If you’re going to shop for dental assistant gifts, why not make your purchase in bulk to save some money and treat your entire office staff at the same time? You can find dozens of U.S.-based online retailers offering personalized gifts at wholesale prices.

Popular ideas include personalized pens, desk accessories, stationery, organizers, paperweights, stress balls, or any other tchotchke with a dentist theme that catches your eye.


What Is the Highest Pay for a Dental Assistant?

The average salary for a dental assistant varies significantly from state to state. According to the American Dental Assistants Association, Minnesota dental assistants earn the highest annual mean wage at $53,670 post-graduation. Massachusetts and New Hampshire follow closely, clocking in at $51,750 and $50,820, respectively.

What Are Good Gifts for Dentists?

Any of the gift ideas in this post would work for a dentist as well as a dental hygienist. However, it’s safe to say that any tooth-related gift will be a big hit. Shop for a custom plaque to hang in the office, gourmet food, fancy spirits, or framed pictures. Use your imagination and creativity, or take inspiration from this post.

What Should a Dental Assistant Wear?

To maintain a professional atmosphere, dental assistants should wear scrubs and supportive medical shoes at their jobs. While assisting the dentist or dental hygienist with a patient, their attire should include safety glasses, protective clothing, a surgical mask, and gloves.

What Are 4 Essential Skills of a Dental Assistant?

Expect rigorous training if you hope to become a dental assistant and gain certification from the Dental Assisting National Board and American Dental Assistants Association. While you’ll learn many different skills, four of the most important include:

  1. Dental technical skills (cleaning, x-rays, etc.)
  2. Interpersonal skills and chairside manner
  3. Administrative and organizational skills
  4. Teamwork and communication skills

Final Thoughts

No matter what the holiday or special occasion, you can show your genuine gratitude for the hard work of your favorite dental assistant using these fun and creative gift ideas. Yes, shopping for gifts can be a drag if you don’t know what to get, but now you have lots of new ideas and inspiration. No matter what gift you give, remember: It’s the thought that counts!

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