What is a CVPM in veterinary medicine? If you’ve heard the hype around being a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM), know that CVPM requirements are worth investigating. The formal education requirement includes continuing education courses specifically devoted to practice managers, a rigorous exam, and CVPM board standards.

Still,  if you’d like to unlock new career opportunities in the veterinary field while you learn how to implement the best standards in your veterinary practice management repertoire, a CVPM application is worth looking into. Below, Weave’s veterinary practice management experts share more about how veterinarians can create safe, efficient, and successful practices in the hands of optimally trained managers.

Understanding CVPM Certification

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association offers this professional credential program. What is the difference between a veterinary office manager and a practice manager? Essentially, the CVPM credential recognizes individuals who have already demonstrated expertise in veterinary practice management, not just as support staff.

To become Certified Veterinary Practice Managers, candidates must meet educational and professional experience requirements, pass the exam, and commit to continuing education. If you can achieve this veterinary medicine certification, it may also benefit your professional credibility.

Why Pursue Certified Veterinary Practice Manager Certification?

What advantages might the path toward a Veterinary Practice Manager Certification unlock? 

Career Advancement

Earning a CVPM can enhance your professional recognition. This may look like moving into an esteemed practice manager role to be actively involved in the decision-making.

Skills and Knowledge

As you learn to become a practice manager through accredited college or university courses, you should gain useful knowledge that includes the following:

  • Clinic or facility financing.
  • Budgeting for veterinary practices.
  • Pet patient fees and billing.
  • Strategic decision-making.
  • Vet practice staffing.
  • Customer service.
  • Veterinary human resources.

CVPM Requirements

Now, let’s move on to the general CVPM requirements for eligibility to apply.

Educational Background

Before taking the exam, you must meet the following criteria:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • 18 college semester hours relating to management from an accredited academic institution.
  • 48 continuing education hours relating to management.


Professional Experience

What skills do you need to be a veterinary practice manager? In particular, a CVPM designation requires prior on-the-job experience–three years in a role relating to veterinary practice management. To prove this experience, you must provide four recommendation letters from a fellow manager, practice consultant, or another relevant person.

The Application Process

The CVPM’s application consists of two components–the application and the exam.

  • Application: Include all documentation proving your academic credit and adherence to state regulations, your examination fee for VHMA members (non-VHMA members pay more). 
  • Exam: Answer multiple-choice and true-false questions relevant to management and similar topics. The number of questions you receive depends on your success rate (maximum 200).


You have two years to complete the certification before your application expires. Afterward, to maintain your title, you must complete recertification requirements every two years.

Preparing for the CVPM Exam

How much does the CVPM certification cost? What about the recertification process? Before you get there, consider the exam tips below.

Study Resources

The VHMA offers a test preparation program to help you prepare for the CVPM exam.

Time Management Tips

Balancing your study time with professional responsibilities takes some commitment. Try the following:

  • Avoid multitasking.
  • Define clear goals.
  • Set time limits for tasks.
  • Say no more.
  • Create healthy routines.
  • Use planning tools like software.

CVPM Benefits

What can vets gain from the CVPM program offered?

Professional Recognition

There’s no doubt–a CVPM enhances your professional reputation. Salaries are also more competitive.

Networking Opportunities

The certification unlocks opportunities to connect with other CVPMs for scalable growth.

Weave: Supporting You in Veterinary Practice Management

Could meeting these CVPM requirements be the next step? Explore Weave’s solutions to see how we can support your practice management even further.

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