Appointment Reminders

Send appointment reminders that are personalized for each patient and automatically send at the times/days you choose.

  • Hi Chad, this is Sharma from Puterbaugh’s Dental. Just wanted to send a reminder that you have an appointment tomorrow at 3:30. Is that still good for you?
  • Sure, that sounds good. See you then.
  • Perfect! See you then!

More Info about Appointment Reminders

You can customize reminders to reduce no shows by:

  • When the appointment reminders go out
    • Day of the appointment
    • 1 day before the appointment
    • 2 days before the appointment
  • Modify the text template
  • Choose who to send it to for the appointment date
    • All appointments
    • Confirmed appointments
    • Unconfirmed appointments
  • Create as many unique reminders as you would like

How it Works

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  • You can now set Appointment Reminders View

  • You can select when each reminder will be sent. View

  • You can edit the content of each reminder and create a more personal message for your patient. View

  • You can send reminders to all patients, or all unconfirmed patients, making it easy to reach more people in less time. View

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How Weave Appointment Reminders Work

Create unique patient reminders and schedule them any time you like.

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