Weave and Dentrix:
Better together

Weave’s best-in-class patient relationship software pairs perfectly with practice management software from Dentrix.

Dentrix is a best-in-class electronic dental record and practice management software. While they offer a few patient engagement tools similar to Weave, many customers who have tried both prefer Weave’s ease-of-use and native VOIP phones—despite Weave’s higher price point.

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The difference is in the details.

Weave and patient relationship software by Dentrix may seem similar, however, those who have used both end up choosing Weave. This is due to Weave's attention to detail, intuitive interface, and all-in-one solution that boosts efficiency by keeping everything you need to run your practice in one place.

User experience matters.

Weave is built on the latest technology with a critical focuse on ease-of-use. That makes it easy to learn and use for your alredy stretched-too-thin team. By contrast, solutions from Dentrix are disparate systems that are often several decades old.

Weave is built for dentists.

Weave began as a state-of-the-art phone system for dentists. That’s why Weave Phones works seamlessly with the software dentists use daily. Our years of experience serving dentists have helped us build phones that can help you become more profitable, efficient and able to meet the needs of patients. We do these things better than any native PMS on the market.

Read this brief Dentrix case study to find out more.

Dunwell Dentistry Comes Back to Weave

Dunwell Dentistry was a Weave customer, but decided to try out Dentrix's patient communication solutions to cut costs. After just three weeks with Dentrix, their team made the switch back to Weave. See why in the full case study below.

Read the case study
Dental staff hurry about to help patient

As a dentist, you focus on doing what you do best while allowing your staff to focus on their strengths. The same is true with the software you use for your practice. Ensuring you are using best-in-class software for all the clinical aspects of your practice is key to your success.

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