Weave vs Adit:

Why Weave Wins

Why Weave Wins

(Hint: Because it's better.)

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Number of customers
Information about the current customer base is not clear.
Adit’s solutions are sourced from third-parties, so they don’t always work together as promised.
Working with PMS
Adit often doesn’t work with practice management providers directly. That means you can’t be sure your data is protected or that it will flow correctly between systems.
User Friendly
Former Adit customers report spending so much time resolving problems, that switching cost them more than they saved.
All in One
Adit sources solutions from multiple vendors to lower the price but sometimes that lowers quality as well.
Lower price with lower performance.

More reasons Weave is better.

More reasons Weave is better.

(If you're not already convinced.)

Professionals trust Weave.

Weave has over 26,000 customers and we’ve been in business for over a decade. We’ve seen it all when it comes to patient relationship software. And we listen to our customer’s feedback and continue to innovate new solutions.

Weave's products are better.

Adit can do a lot of things. So can Weave. The difference is this: Weave does them well. Because to us, it’s not enough to simply offer products. We want to change lives with them—for the better.

Weave is easier to use and easier to learn.

With Weave, everything you need to communicate with patients is right at your fingertips. And with streamlined onboarding and an intuitive user experience no competing platform is as simple to use.

Weave has world-class customer support.

Weave has world-class customer support. Along with our best-in-class software, we offer some of the best customer support in the industry. Our professional and friendly service reps are equipped to do whatever it takes to help your practice be successful.

Customers who returned to Weave after trying Adit had this to say:

Adit costs customers' time.

One customer estimated that they lost 1 hour or more each day due to Adit's inefficiences and poor functionality.

Adit's communication products missed the mark.

Customers said Adit's phone and messaging capabilities did not live up to the promises and the patient communication process broke down.

Adit didn't create a better patient experience.

Because Adit was difficult to learn and use, staff wasn't able to spend as much time with patients which resulted in worse patient experience.

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