Across the nation, business owners are trying to adjust to rapidly changing regulations. We know reopening will be different for everyone and it can be an overwhelming process.

We’re here to help businesses reopen safely when they feel the time is right and effectively communicate with their customers in the meantime. Here’s a checklist of considerations when you’re ready to get back to business broken down by stages:

1. Preparing to Reopen Your Business – Decide and define what protocols and guidelines will be in place for customers and staff when you reopen. Weave’s tools are specifically designed for remote working to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe as you start to reopen your business.

2. Communicating with Customers – Easy-to-use communications tools to keep customers informed and let them know when you’ll be open and how you are operating differently.

3. Refilling Your Schedule – Once you decide on which customers to contact and promotions to help drive traffic, Weave’s scheduling and analytic tools can help fill your schedule and get your business running again.

4. Optimizing Your Business – In the coming months, many businesses will have to revise their strategies for growth. Management tools to identify areas of opportunities and grow your business even in a shifting economic landscape.

Stages of Reopening General tips Weave-specific tips
Preparing to reopen your business
Define new safety protocols for your office

  • Adapt to government regulations like social
    distancing or limited occupancy in your office
  • Implement Curbside Waiting Room
  • Are you requiring masks?
  • Are you screening incoming patients for symptoms?
  • Install more hand sanitizer locations
  • Are there certain services you aren’t
  • Set up systems to take contactless payments
  • Will your office hours change?
  • Update your voicemail
  • Update your appointment reminders

Define any office management changes

  • Is your staff going to continue to work
  • Any billing changes?
  • Consider adding signage at your office, such as “open,”
    “wait in your car,” and “remote payments”
Communicating with your customers
Announcements/Communications to your customers/patients:

  • Announce you’re open
  • Announce new safety precautions and procedures
  • Announce how to reach you and how to schedule
  • Set up pre-appointment communications, such as
    curbside waiting room screening
  • Announce contactless payment options
  • Announce any office hour changes
  • Announce how to schedule an appointment
Announcements to your customers/patients:

  • Set up Email Marketing
  • Utilize templates to:
    • Announce your reopening date
    • How to schedule appointments
    • How to contact your office
    • Any new safety procedures
  • Send out follow-up messages and reminders
Fill your schedule Quickly fill your schedule

  • Make your plan to contact customers who were on
    the schedule before closing
  • Make your plan to contact customers who are
  • Announce any promotions
  • Announce any extended hours
Quickly fill your schedule:

Optimize your business
to be better than ever

Find areas of opportunity

  • What is your process to collect reviews from
    your customers?
  • Do you want to set up an ongoing email drip
    campaign to your customer base?
  • How do you collect feedback from your
  • Do you have a plan to ensure you collect payments from customers?
Find areas of opportunity:

  • Set up Review invitations
  • Use Email Marketing templates for
    future announcements and invitations to schedule
  • Set up and send out Payments request reminders
  • Use Practice Analytics to analyze business trends (Dental customers only)


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