Transforming Client Acquisition and Appointment Show Rate

King City Veterinary Clinic's Transformation with Weave

Before Weave, King City Veterinary Clinic wasn’t able to keep up with high call volume. The COVID-19 pandemic only made things more difficult, since call volume surged and the existing phone system couldn’t accommodate such a spike in calls. Weave provided practical solutions that addressed their phone challenges, as well as other benefits that helped the office manager and her team become more efficient.

You'll learn:

  • How implementing Missed Call Text led to 30 new clients per month.
  • Improved appointment show rate as a result of phone and text reminders.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction by allowing clients to text the practice.

“I can speak for everyone in the clinic–we love that Weave is user-friendly and it's like using any other app on your phone. ”

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- Crystel Hernandez
Veterinary Assistant and Practice Manager
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